Operating all over the world, Finnish family business Kolster is today one of Europe’s largest and most long-standing IPR-companies with roots still strongly in Finland. As a partner of FiBAN, Kolster will bring to the FiBAN community and Finnish start-up -scene a wake-up- call of the status of intellectual property rights as a foundation of future success stories.

Kolster’s ambition is to support its clients from the smallest start-ups to international corporations to grow and prosper taking full advantage of their know-how and innovations. Here Liisa Nieminen, Patent Agent at Kolster, tells more about intellectual property rights importance in business.

Why and how to protect businesses’ IP rights? 

“Well-managed IP rights are the basis of international licence-incomes, scaling, exits and much more. On the other hand, badly managed IP rights may lead to closing all business and anyway, not exploiting the full potential of the company’s innovations and know-how.” explains Liisa.

“Kolster helps start-ups to see the whole landscape of international growth and build a strong IP portfolio full of assets for achieving the company’s dreams. For investors, on the other hand, we offer support in scanning potential investments from the IPR point of view, analyzing and interpreting the IP portfolio to the language of business opportunities.”

What does Kolster offer for FiBAN members?

“We help FiBAN members to see the potential of strong IPR in investment -or the danger in lack of it. With, for example, IP due diligence, IP evaluation or simply IP freedom to operate, we analyse prospect investments on IPR point of view and help investors find the true rising stars.” tells Liisa.

“We also help your portfolio start-ups to see the future and its possibilities, and to build the IPR-foundations for it, in the right time. Together with Kolster, startups can discuss the business goals, plans and dreams for the future and build the IPR-strategy necessary for fulfilling these.”

“Of course, we also take care of writing the patent and trademark applications, as well as all the bureaucracy related to these, so that you can concentrate on the essentials – building the next success stories!” Liisa concludes.

Brilliant ideas deserve proper protection and funding. Warmly welcome to the FiBAN Community!

Not familiar with IP due diligence, IP evaluation or IPR strategy? No problem: Liisa Nieminen will be talking about IP rights on our updated FiBAN Online Academy training that will be published in November.

More information: 

Liisa Nieminen, Patent Agent, Kolster, liisa.nieminen@kolster.com
Amel Gaily, Managing Partner, FiBAN, amel.gaily@fiban.org