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Thinking about joining one of the largest and most active business angel networks in the world? Currently, FiBAN has 650+ approved private investor members, which actively benefit from our member services. New members are approved by FiBAN's board as individuals with the interest and capacity to make startup investment.

Are you looking for…

… new startups to invest in?

… trainings’ and education about angel investing?

… investors to co-invest with?

… ready made contracts and investment guides?

… protection for your credit rating (only applicable for investors in Finland)?

… someone to represent private investors?

… the latest statistics, trends and news about angel investing and the startup ecosystem?

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The yearly membership fee for business angels is 500€ per year. There is a 100€ discount available for members who respond to FiBAN’s annual investment statistics survey which is conducted in January. A one-time registration fee of 250€ is invoiced upon joining.

To be accepted as a member an individual needs to have the interest and capacity to make startup investments. Two references are required from existing members. If you have trouble finding two references, contact the FiBAN office, we are happy to help.

FiBAN’s terms

1. FiBAN is a non-profit association. FiBAN does not provide any investment services or activities.
2. The investor member has the capability in form of net worth and readiness to make high-risk investments.
3. FiBAN is not responsible for the funds that are invested in the target companies.
4. FiBAN does not make any specific promises about the member services and all the services are provided “as is”.
5. FiBAN may modify these terms or any additional terms at any given time. You should look at the terms regularly.

Code of conduct

The following set of rules have been set by FiBAN, and it expects its members to stand for and act according to the following guidelines.

A community member will:
1. honour confidential information and use given information solely to evaluate the investment
2. work in a professional way and not be associated with any illegal practices
3. refrain from co-funding of doubtful origin and notify authorities of possible illegal funds
4. consider the interests of all involved parties and avoid unfair competition
5. be open, have solidarity and share deals among members (give and take)
6. share risk and success fairly (all investors are equal), but support rewarding the lead investor
7. invest to the benefit of the startup and aim to succeed through the success of the startup
8. not join or misuse the network to get clients or sell own services
9. acknowledge that any investments are own decisions made on own responsibility
10. consciously avoid any activities that constitute verbal or other forms of sexual harassment
11. have zero tolerance towards such activities and make any member who is seen to engage in such activities understand that it is not acceptable
12. act with the highest level of integrity towards other FiBAN members, office and the startup ecosystem.

Every new FiBAN member gets one of FiBAN’s board members as a mentor for the beginning of their membership.