FiBAN Morning Talks focuses on the latest topics on angel investor’s mind and provides tools on how to support portfolio startups’ growth. Join us online, on October 8th at 8.30 am for the first FiBAN Morning Talks. We will hear how Janne Jormalainen built his portfolio and learn how to navigate between sectors and jump from investing in one to another.

FiBAN Morning talks brings angel investors together to learn, get inspired, and share stories online. We want to support your steps towards successful exits by sharing best practices and giving a deep dive into the current and future trends. In each session, we’ll interview one experienced angel investor, industry expert, or a founder. You can join us wherever you are – where there’s a phone, there’s also FiBAN Morning talks!

First FiBAN Morning Talks: Building your portfolio

In our first session, we will cover the topic around ‘How to build your portfolio and jump into a new sector?’ by discussing it together with an experienced angel investor and a true serial entrepreneur, Janne Jormalainen, who has invested in several sectors. Janne is the former Chair of the FiBAN Board, Board member at EBAN, and is currently making an impact as the co-founder and Chair of New Nordic School, which is transforming the current systems of education.

Upcoming sessions

FiBAN Morning talks take place online every second Thursday of the month at 8.30. Each 45-minute morning session contains interactive online discussion and sharing experiences together with an industry expert, angel investor, or founder. The program is in English.

Get your questions and coffee ready, and join our very first FiBAN Morning talks on the 8th of October at 8.30 am here!

October 8th – How to build your portfolio and jump into a new sector
November 12th – Developing a diversity and inclusion strategy
December 10th  – Roadmap to lead angel compensation models
January 14th  – TBD
February 11th  – TBD