FiBAN supports the startup investing scene by offering world-class education for both experienced angel investors and those aspiring to become professional investors. In just 2019, FiBAN Academy provided 20 hours of startup investing knowledge for more than 100 participants. Education is provided by FiBAN’s partners in various sectors as well as experienced angel investors who share their experiences and best practices. Some of the lecturers we have had are Riku Asikainen, Tommy Andersen, Ivo Remmelg, Kim Väisänen, Saga Forss, and many more.

“There is a fast track to mastery: learning from the experienced and networking. Works wonders for angels to be.”

– Annukka Mickelsson, FiBAN Board Member

You can expand your knowledge in angel investing in three different ways – FiBAN Academy, FiBAN Academy Online & FIBAN Morning talks. Choose one of the educational options below which answers to your educational needs – or attend them all!

FiBAN Academy

FiBAN Academy is a half-day training session, which includes the best specialists from FiBAN partners, experienced angel investors, and other ecosystem influencers, like the top VCs. FiBAN Academy has five modules, each covering different topics of the basics of angel investing. Taking place in Maria 01 from 11:30 to 17:00, the day includes a networking lunch, lessons from the experts, and mingling time in the afternoon. It’s a great opportunity to not only learn from the best, but also to meet with like-minded investors and professionals.

In celebration of FiBAN’s 10-year anniversary, you can purchase all modules with -50% discount in 2020

  • For FiBAN members, each module costs 40€ (regular price 80€)
  • For others, each module costs 80€ (regular price 160€)
  • Price includes lunch and other catering

This autumn FiBAN Academy modules are streamed and can be followed from your home office as well. Check out the sessions in the event calendar, and register from the links available in the sessions. 


Module 1 – Due Diligence and valuation

  • Due Diligence -evaluation of the investment readiness of a startup
  • ​Valuation – determining startup’s value 

Module 2 – Lead Angel’s role and investment contracts

  • Lead angel – role of the lead angel in a syndicate 
  • Investment contracts: SHA, Term Sheet, Syndication agreement

Module 3 – Startup board and team sparring

  • How to commit and reward startup’s key personnel
  • How to form and develop value-adding board?
  • Option models
  • CEO contract’s key elements
  • Role of a business angel within a startup

Module 4: Scaling up and future funding rounds

  • Startup growth and scaling
  • Future funding rounds and collaboration with VCs

Module 5: IPR strategies and preparing for an exit

  • IPR strategies
  • Exit – how to plan for an exit from day 1?

FiBAN Academy Online

Haven’t found the time to participate to FiBAN Academy sessions? You are an international investor, so travelling to Helsinki five times a year is not an option? In November, we will launch our updated FiBAN Academy Online that consists of two different tracks ‘Newcomer track’ and ‘Lead Angel’s track’. You can watch the classes when and where you want, also on your mobile device. During online classes you can stop the video at any time to make notes, or go back to listen important parts again.  

If you are interested in expanding your lead angel skills even further, our new lead angel training and investment program ‘New Nordic Lift Off’ is something that you might be interested in. You can read more about the program here.

FiBAN Morning Talks

This autumn we are piloting FiBAN Morning talks that focuses on the latest topics on an angel investor’s mind & provides tools on how to better support portfolio startups. These interactive morning discussions take place every 2nd Thursday of the month at 8.30 am online and gives an inspiring start for the day.

In each session, we discuss together with an industry expert, angel investor, or founder. We aim to have an interactive discussion by encouraging everyone to participate by asking questions and sharing experiences. You can attend the sessions right from your home office! Grab your morning coffee and join our very first FiBAN Academy Morning talks on the 8th of October. 

Self-study materials

Video materials

FiBAN has recorded multiple presentations and lectures concerning best practices of angel investing. You can hear premium content from the best experts in the field such as Riku Asikainen, and many more. 

These materials are available for FiBAN members only.


FiBAN actively gathers and shares business angel related studies and statistics. Through quality research and analysis we aim to offer valuable and unique knowledge for the whole startup ecosystem.

This data is available for everyone.

Other materials 

FiBAN has created angel investing contract templates together with its partners. Other materials also include startup investing best practices presentations, FiBAN Academy lecture materials, etc.

These materials are available for FiBAN members only.