We are excited to introduce a vital part of our community: FiBAN Partners. Together with them, we support Finnish early-stage startup investing in many ways. Read more about the services that our partners provide.

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Category 1 (company size: 501+ employees)

Teppo Havo, Head of Growth & Impact Finland

Danske Bank is a Nordic bank with strong local roots and bridges to the rest of the world. For more than 145 years, we have helped people and businesses in the Nordics realize their ambitions.

Jussi Paski, Head of Startup Services
+358 20 760 3920

​KPMG actively supports dynamic startups and their founders as well as the investors empowering them. The KPMG Startup Services address the whole life cycle of startups from the founding stage to a successful exit.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • KPMG Startup Services advise you on taxation, legal and IPR matters, employment issues and incentive programs
  • Dedicated specialists know everything there is to know about audit, accounting and cyber security
  • Receive support with fundraising, valuation, due diligences, appropriate legal structure on market entries or supporting growth strategy
  • Finally, when it is time to move to the next level, KPMG will support you with exit options and strategies or guide you through the IPO process

Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Startup & Growth
+358 40 826 2009

Nordea Startup & Growth provides startup & growth loans, has broad venture & trade sale network for you and focuses on business mentoring. We are 22 persons in Finland with 2500 startup customers.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Startup loans to leverage portfolio IRR
  • Startup & Growth Private Banker services
  • Network & deal flow
  • Nordea offers conditional pre-approved credit decisions to startups who have gone through the FiBAN deal flow process and are selected to pitch at PitchFinland. The credit approval depends on whether the equity round raises the required minimum amount of funds. The loan terms and conditions are determined in advance, case by case

Pirjo Koponen, Executive Director 

OP Financial Group is Finland’s largest financial services group whose mission is to create sustainable prosperity, security and well-being for its owner-customers and in its operating region by means of its strong capital base and efficiency.

Category 2 (company size: 100-500 employees)

Tuomas Honkinen

Castrén & Snellman was founded in the late spring of 1888. Decades of supporting our clients’ success have enabled us to grow into a firm of over 240 people. We are based in Helsinki, and in other parts of the world we work with an extensive international network of law firms. We are a trusted advisor in mergers and acquisitions, disputes and other specialised fields of business law. Our mission is to help our clients build sustainable success stories.

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Marko Hara, Director 

Maria Ihalainen, Sales Manager

Elo Mutual Pension Insurance Company is a customer-owned employment pension company that manages the statutory employment pension insurance of one third of all Finnish companies and 40% of self-employed persons in Finland.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Statutory pension insurance for self-employed persons (YEL, Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act)
  • Statutory pension insurance for employees (TyEL, Employees Pensions Act)
  • Well-being at work services
  • Financing solutions for customer companies
  • A wide selection of office spaces

​Elina Kumpulainen, Senior Legal Counsel
+358 20 7205 627

Fondia is a full-service business law firm operating in the Nordics and Estonia. Our work is swift and flexible; it meets the demands of modern business. We are a forerunner in law and exploiting new technologies. Our mission with our LDaaS is to renew legal industry to meet the customers’ needs.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Legal support when investing: Legal support for business angels in all phases of the investment process relating to e.g. legal due diligence, investment and shareholders’ agreements as well as syndication of investments
  • Legal support for start-ups: Business savvy, pragmatic and to the point legal advice for start-ups. Scalable and affordable to suit all development phases of start-ups and growth companies
  • Template documents and trainings: Fondia’s regular co-operation with FiBAN includes providing template documents and organizing training events for business angels​

Jan Johanson, Partner
+358 44 352 2063

Krogerus is a premium law firm offering a broad range of legal services across the corporate spectrum. Their experienced lawyers will help you navigate even the most complex issues and situations. They have a particularly strong focus on transactional and financial assignments.

They provide Finnish and international investors with a full range of services in private equity and venture capital.

• Legal advice in relation to structuring and negotiating investment and shareholders’ agreements, particularly in subsequent rounds where expertise in preferred instruments, incentives and leaver considerations is essential

• Legal due diligence tailored to the specific needs of the investor, often with particular focus on IP matters

• Tax advice in relation to the investment, including in alternative exit scenarios, as well as in relation to management incentives and alike arrangements

• Advice in relation to ancillary documentation such as corporate resolutions, manager agreements, incentive programmes, decision-making policies, etc.

Kari Leimola, CEO

Transmeri Group is almost 100 years old growing family company. We are continuously looking for new business opportunities and future success stories.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Co-investments
  • Expertise in:
    – FMGC (Finland & Baltics)
    – Selective, semiselective, and natural cosmetics
    – Paper and pulp industry
    – Hair cosmetics

Category 3 (company size: 1-99 employees)

Pekka Halonen, Partner, pekka.halonen(at) 
+358 40 587 7000

Rami Salonen, Associate Director, rami.salonen(at) 
+359 40 728 6134

Aalto Capital offers independent investment banking services to funds, entrepreneurs and growth companies to achieve their ambitions. We provide integrated financial advice across Europe and in the United States through our local offices in Helsinki, London, Munich, Stockholm, Zurich and New York.

Key services to the FiBAN community:

  • Exit and Follow-On Round Advisory: to Business Angels’ portfolio companies through the international network of Aalto Capital’s local offices.
  • Capital Raising: The best possible solution for our client depending on their needs and stage of business development. We are the client’s trusted advisor in equity and debt financing, different types of capital market transactions.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Every transaction is unique, our role as an advisor is to ensure the delivery of high-quality strategic advice and execution on all occasions. We advise our clients in divestments, acquisitions, and mergers or joint ventures. We coordinate the whole transaction process enabling clients to focus on their business and only the most critical strategically important decisions in deal negotiations.

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Suvi Vänskä, Partner, Tax & Legal Services, suvi.vanska(at)

Johanna Kannisto, Head of Tax & Legal, Tax & Legal Services,

Petteri Rapo, Partner, Transfer Pricing Services, petteri.rapo(at)

Yina Ye, Startup Ecosystem Development Manager, Finland & Baltics

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. They have provided cloud infrastructure to the world’s hottest and most successful startups such as Airbnb, Lyft, and Slack – to name a few. 

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • AWS provides the FiBAN community with low-cost, easy to use cloud infrastructure that startups need to scale and grow.
  • AWS Activate program gives startups access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS – simply and smoothly.
  • FiBAN investor members can utilize AWS Activate Portfolio package to ensures startups a quick and easy start, including credits, training, and support. FiBAN investor members can use the benefit for each startup in their investment portfolio.

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Kaisu Korolainen, Sales Lead
+358 50 512 7101

aTalent is a modern recruiting company focused on finding the best people for business, technical and technology positions. Since their founding 15 years ago, they have helped companies ranging from founders before first employees or growing a small team to hyper-scaling startups and big corporations.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Recruiting with startup friendly pricing and satisfaction guarantee
  • Search & hire
  • Headhunting
  • Leased employees / temporary workforce
  • Access to talent pool from universities and universities of applied sciences around Finland
  • Employer Branding services
  • Trainee-programs
  • People operations services
  • Tips and tricks on how to succeed in recruiting
  • Information about the recruiting market (supply and demand of candidates, salaries etc.)

Kimmo Reina

Bird & Bird is an international law firm with a focus on helping organizations being changed by technology and the digital world. With over 1,300 lawyers in 30 offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and North America, we’re ready to help you wherever you are in the world.

Kari Pulkkinen, Business Coach
+358 50 406 8716

Business Joensuu helps its customers in investments and investing in the Joensuu region. Their ambition is to start new companies, help them grow, and internationalize their business. They also have business environment development services that create the best conditions for companies to operate.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Business Accelerator for start-up companies
  • Investor meetings
  • Private equity events
  • ​Business idea competition

Nina Rautiainen, Project Manager, Hippos – Growth and Innovation, Business Jyväskylä
FiBAN Regional Angel in Central Finland Area

Jyväskylä is a vibrant and growing city in Central Finland. There are 8000 companies located in the city, but also 42 000 students with lots of talent to offer for growing companies! 600 new businesses are being established in Jyväskylä each year and the city has been ranked as 2nd best place to live in Finland.

Business Jyväskylä is the business services unit of the City of Jyväskylä. Their mission is to reinforce the networks of Jyväskylä’s trade and commerce sector and to help companies to grow. For your business, they’re a reliable partner focused on solutions with impact.

They offer the FiBAN community:

  • Valuable contacts of growth companies and start-ups in the Jyväskylä Region
  • The ecosystem of smart wellbeing and performance – check
  • Interesting networking events and contact platforms, e.g. Jyväskylä Business Rally

Meelik Gornoi, COO

Concise is a 100 people software development company that does lean processes. They are an especially good fit for startups and companies who want to move fast. They can build you the tech, your processes, and also your teams. They also invest in work for equity-based deals.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Technical and process due diligence
  • Investing partner to grow portfolio success rate
  • Software development teams for building products in a #superagile way
  • Consultation and mentoring for implementing #superagile culture
  • MVP workshop (including finding the Northern Star)
  • Growth hacking (including digital marketing)
  • Design thinking & product development mentoring
  • CTO as a service

Vilja Hannula, Growth & Scale, vilja.hannula(at) 
+358 40 837 8511

EMU offers tailor-made financial service solutions. You can pick and mix the financial management, payroll management, HR, legal and CFO services to boost your business. They nurture your company’s finances from the very beginning, allowing you to focus fully on growing and fostering your core business.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • First-class accounting services, e.g. reports, payroll management and taxation. Focus on precision, expertise and reliability.
  • Financial management for growth, e.g. CFO services, forecasting, controlling, budgeting and valuations. Fast growth requires comprehensive data to support decision-making.
  • HR services to support business goals, e.g. HR strategy, budgeting, recruitment plans and interims. Taking care of your people becomes even more essential as the speed exhilarates.
  • Legal support for daily operations, e.g. partner contracts, employment contracts, legal conflicts and business agreements. Focusing on core business as your partner looks out for your interest in the jungle of regulations and agreements.​

Mads Dalsgaard, CMO

Funderbeam is a funding and trading platform for high-growth private companies. It helps founders raise funds beyond borders and provides access—and unique liquidity—to early-stage equity investors.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Liquidity
  • Global investor network
  • Privately-held growth companies
  • World-class data intelligence
  • Investor events and discounts for FiBAN Members
  • Transparency
  • Intermediaries removed​

Jukka Jokinen, Senior Venture Advisor

Linda Emelianov, Venture Advisor linda.emelianov(at)

Helsinki Business Hub (HBH) is the international trade and investment promotion agency for the Finnish capital region. The wide set of their services culminate in helping foreign companies to set-up their business, grow and develop in Greater Helsinki, thus enhancing economic growth and new jobs in the area. The mission of the Investor Service team at Helsinki Business Hub is to help international investors find innovative Finnish startups, and here come the specific linking with FiBAN members.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Exit opportunities – when FiBAN’s members’ portfolio companies are raising capital outside Finland, HBH can match them with relevant international investors.
  • Additional resources for startups that are ready to conquer the world. Advisory services cover experts from various industries, providing early-stage companies a way to scale much faster.
  • Match-making – HBH helps international corporations to find the right business partners in Finland, and startups offer innovative solutions that larger corporations are looking for. HBH can match FiBAN members’ suitable portfolio companies with the right business partners abroad from Asia, Europe and North America.
  • Contact the HBH Investor Service Experts to hear more!

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Peppi Stünkel, Community Creator

Innovation House brings a new generation of innovation culture combining a sparring site, a network, and a business angel nest, where start-ups and corporations complement each other and grow. It is much more than a co-working space, it is an energetic and inspirational business community.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • ​Co-working space with holistic well-being and smart working services – In Helsinki, Espoo and Singapore
  • Matchmaking and collaboration – we have a strong focus on making sure each member finds the contacts they need, whether it be in the start-up or corporate world
  • ​Better life, better business, and fulfilment are the goals of Innovation House Finland – Tomorrow’s work life is all about people connecting, thinking, and creating together – so reach out and let us tell you how you can become a member

Päivi Ihme, Director of Investor Relations paivi.ihme(at)
​+358 40 586 5627

Innovestor is focused on making startups succeed by providing funding, support, and networks. They manage Venture Capital funds and make direct investments into startups. Innovestor operates an online Co-investment Platform, through which private investors have the possibility to invest together with Innovestor.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Co-investment services: Investing in the most promising startups together with a professional lead VC-investor has never been easier. You can invest based on your own preferences and choose from 3 of our investment channels:  
  • Growth Round: Invest in a carefully selected startup based on your own investment preferences. All our Growth Round companies go through a rigorous selection process and are pre-vetted based on professional VC-standards
  • Growth Portfolio: Build your own diversified startup portfolio. As our Growth Portfolio investor you automatically participate in the next 10 Growth Rounds
  • Growth Fund: Investment solutions for institutional investors​


Invesdor is a digital investment platform based in Northern Europe. helps investors from more than 70 countries find ambitious European growth companies and invest in them easily and securely.

Invesdor Private Round: A closed platform environment for business angels. The Private Round environment provides investors with all the tools they need to screen an investment, communicate with the company, make their transactions and e-sign shareholder agreements – all online, with zero paper pushing.

The benefits of the Invesdor Private Round include: 

  • Efficiency: Negotiations and syndicate building can drag on for a long time. Invesdor’s tools help you keep the process efficient with clear deadlines and a structured process
  • One-stop shop: Investment materials, documentation, discussion forums, shareholder agreement e-signatures and integrated payments and money transfers are all found in one place, so that things won’t ‘fall through the cracks’
  • Legal due diligence included: Invesdor’s legal team has conducted a legal DD on all companies’ and their owners’ backgrounds, so that you can proceed with trust​​

Panu Skogstöm, Partner  panu.skogstrom(at)
+358 50 5911 093 

Kalliolaw is one of the leading law firms in the Finnish start-up scene.

Key services for the FiBAN community:
Kalliolaw regularly advises their clients on matters such as:

  • Financing rounds: from term sheet negotiations through due diligence review into investment documentation, we continuously advise target companies, investors and investor syndicates to successfully close investments. We have been involved with deals ranging from angel rounds to some of the biggest venture investments in Finland. 
  • Commercial contracts: with majority of our clients operating in technology sector, whether you are considering entering into R&D Agreement or licensing in or out, we have plenty of experience from all sorts of commercial arrangements. 
  • Data privacy: we provide practical advice to navigate the complex regulatory framework around personal data.

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Petri Liuha, Patent Agents petri.liuha(at)
​+358 45 782 01702

Kolster makes tangible results from intangible rights! They will secure the legal rights to your know-how & innovations and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Ensuring the IP-quality and foundations of your investments
  • IP Valuation
  • IP Due Diligence
  • Survey of IP operating environment

Miika Laakso, Business Development Manager | Invest in Services
​+358 40 547 7160

Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd develops the conditions for business growth and competitiveness in the Lahti region, in addition to marketing the region as an attractive business environment.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • The Lahti region is among the largest growth centers in Finland offering an ideal location for companies
  • More than half of Finland’s population live within a two-hour radius and 10 million people live within a three-hour radius
  • We make 700 businesscontacts per year so we identify funding opportunities according to business’s needs, for example for investments and development
  • We can offer You one contact person​

Ilkka Haavisto, CEO
+358 40 740 3499

Mertaoja offers business angels and their portfolio companies outsourced financial management, accounting, and tailored CFO services.

Their services cover all stages of a company’s life cycle. They understand the needs and opportunities of startups as well as more established companies.

Core services:
– Accounting and financial management
– Payroll management
– All reports to the authorities
– Personalized service to management
– Fully digital processes and real-time views into financials

CFO/consultancy services:
– Calculations, forecasts, and analysis related to cash flow management, budgeting, investment plans, applications for funding, etc.
– Financial ‘sanity checks’ for startups
– Single session or a fixed monthly plan – you decide!

Their partner network: legal, auditing, HR, finance services

Timo Helenius, Manager, Growth Services timo.helenius(at)
​+358 40 660 2070

NewCo Helsinki is part of the Department of Economic Development of the City of Helsinki. NewCo’s Growth Services matches start-ups and scale-ups with other actors in the ecosystem and provide business advisory to startups.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • We screen numerous startups annually and create deal flow to those looking for investment opportunities or want to act as advisors or mentors to startups
  • We offer business advisory to startups which e.g. are not yet attractive to investors
  • We provide grants for Helsinki-based startups. In 2018 travel grant up to 5.000€ ​

Anna Korkalainen, Director of Global Partnerships, anna(at) 
+358 50 544 8686

Palava Global exists to make sure that all international growth endeavours are strategically sound and profitable. They wish to never see another vague internationalization plan or budgets wasted on the wrong market. Market agnostic and serving all industries, they can help you in all matters international.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • International Navigator service: Concrete tool for determining quickly what is the international potential of a venture, and what are the next steps and resources needed to make it a reality. 15% off for FiBAN members!
  • Market Scanner: the tool for data-driven market selection compares individually designed data points from various markets to match a service offering with the market with the best prerequisites for success. FiBAN members get 30% more data points, for free!
  • ​Tailored consultation, advice and extra hands for the internationalization of a venture.


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Petri Rinne, Founder and CEO,

Rinne & Partners is a consultancy that grows companies by supercharging market-entry time. Our vision is to be able to help more companies to conquer new territories. We are indeed on a mission: to help companies grow in new markets with our knowledge, resources, experience, team and network. 

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • International readiness. If your company has decided to start expanding outside of your local market internationally and needs a seasoned expert’s vision of your readiness to do so, we can help. We analyze your company’s readiness for international.
  • A Go-To-Market plan works as a market entry “guidebook” for your international expansion and includes strategies, goals, metrics and schedule, target market prioritized, sales model, sales team, finances, etc.
  • Partnerships processes. Working with partner channels, your company’s business can be scaled faster, especially in international markets. In order to succeed in building a partner channel, proper strategy, processes, and a partner program is required. 
  • International Sales. We can build an international sales team for you. We source professionals from our global network of sales professionals and help with the recruiting process, contract negotiations, and onboarding. 
  • Funding and M& A. We execute funding rounds for our clients to support growth and internationalization by finding suitable investors for our clients from our network. Investors can be for example strategic or VC investors. 
  • Training and coaching. We will train and coach your team, to meet the challenges of internationalization and partnering. With our coaching method, we ensure that the competence of your team is raised to a new level.

Read more about their services:
Check out the International Market Readiness Checklist by Petri Rinne

Tareq AlFozan,
Executive Board Member,

At SADITA, we firmly believe that any business’s success depends on the talented and driven individuals supporting its day-to-day activities. In 2006, when SADITA was established, our goal has always been to partner with talented individuals – giving them the support to grow and prosper. The Company houses 31 subsidiaries in sectors such as food manufacturing and distribution, medical equipment, electronic peripherals, disposables, communication, logistics, and more. Around 70% of our business lies within the GCC – the remaining, however, lies in countries ranging from the U.K. and Germany to China and Russia. We hope to meet individuals with new and innovative ideas to potentially form collaborations and pursue new projects.

Key Services for the FiBAN community:

  • Angel and seed investments for incubations as well as growth capital
  • Financial planning and supporting growth
  • Know-how relating to operating in GCC markets
  • I.T. back up from our office in India
  • Connecting individuals with our customer base around the world

Joseph Michael,
​Startup Partner Lead, josephmichael(at)

Stripe’s integrated payments platform helps you build and scale your business online, whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, or an e-commerce store. 

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Stripe Payments – a comprehensive commerce toolkit for startups.
  • Stripe Billing – build recurring revenue streams.
  • Stripe Connect – the payments platform for platforms.
  • Stripe Radar – beat fraud with machine learning.
  • Stripe Sigma – your business data at your fingertips.
  • Stripe Atlas – Incorporate your business in the U.S.

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Laura Juvonen, Executive Director, Growth and Renewal 

Technology Industries of Finland is the lobbying organisation for technology industry companies. We promote competitiveness and the operational preconditions of the largest and most important export sector in Finland. Technology Industries of Finland has over 1,600 member companies. 

We promote the renewal of labor market and improvement of the competitiveness. In addition, we help our member companies to recognize and solve challenges connected to growth, new business models and digitalization. Here are some examples of our projects and networks for companies.

Keith Bonnici, Investment Director keith.bonnici(at)
+358 40 179 9584

Tesi accelerates companies’ growth stories by investing in them, directly or via funds. We provide access to business expertise and international networks. We invest together with private investors on the same terms as them and with the same expectations for returns.

We do syndicated minority investments in promising Finnish companies’ A-, B- and C-rounds.

Marko Berg, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of University of Helsinki
+358 41 534 9893

University of Helsinki supports researchers turning commercially interesting ideas into spinout companies. In particular, Helsinki University Funds provide seed financing and help at the founding. Typically, these spinouts build heavily on IP created at the university.

Key services for the FiBAN community:
​For business angels, Helsinki University Funds provides deal flow and co-investment opportunities in research based spinout companies.

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Tony-Frank Holmström, Investments & Partnerships
+358 45 787 45420

The main goal that unites everyone associated with Valkea Growth Club is to create a cleaner future through investing and working together with startups.

Key services for the FiBAN community:

  • Be part of possible syndicates
  • Can bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to DD process
  • Sharing of ideas and thoughts
  • Can help startups with expert consultation from Fortum’s 8200+ strong expert network
  • Be part of the community through organising events together
  • Offer possible pilot opportunities to startups
  • Open doors worldwide through our Valo Ventures and EIP partners
  • Possibility to offer a physical seat at our Maria 01 premises
  • FiBAN startups have the possibility to co-operate with our other startups on a more in depth level to support each other
  • We want to learn and develop ourselves and be part of innovation while having fun!