International projects

FiBAN actively participates in international projects that revolve around angel investing and sharing startup investing best practices. Yearly FiBAN is involved in 1-2 projects, in addition to an annual delegation trip where the FiBAN office and a delegation of FiBAN members visit a city to get to know the local startup investing scene.

Current projects

4NGELS is a cross-border training and investment program for business angels and startups looking to expand!

Startups! Scroll down to apply.

4NGELS inspires cross-border investments by improving startups’ and investors’ investment readiness and market-specific knowledge through training and cross-border syndication (co-investing).

The 4NGELS focuses on identifying and proposing practical solutions to eliminate obstacles to cross-border angel investments, increase investors’ knowledge and bring education about foreign markets. Investors will also have a chance to acquire international deal flow and co-invest with other participants.

In addition, 4NGELS will include startups’ participation in training and pitching events, preparing them for international funding rounds with business angels. Read more about the project here.

Program duration and timetable

The program will begin in early 2023 and consists of 4 cross-border batches over two years. Each batch will focus on one of 4 markets at a time. You can join all half-year training batches or the ones
you are the most interested in.

Joining the program is free. If you want to join the study trips and startup events, please note that the tickets and other related travel costs are at your expense.

Spring 2023 focus on Estonia
Autumn 2023 focus on Finland
Spring 2024 focus on Slovenia
Autumn 2024 focus on Poland

For Business Angels

  • Gain knowledge on what to consider when making a cross-border investment
  • Learn to identify investment solutions and obstacles, legal and taxation.
  • Build your cross-border networks and deal flow.
  • Join a network of over a thousand business angels who have invested over €500m in over 7,000 startups.
  • Join the study trips to Estonia, Finland, Slovenia, and Poland.

    Sign up to join us for the Autumn 2023 batch focusing on Finland!

Program partners

The project is coordinated by Civitta, originating from Estonia.

Event schedule

  • September 7, 10.00-11.00 (EEST), Online
    4NGELS Kick-off webinar
  • September 26, 14.00-16.00 (EEST), Helsinki, Finland
    4NGELS training module I: Strategic thinking for startups and investors – Setting an Investment and fundraising strategy
  • October 12, 14.00-16.00 (EEST), Helsinki, Finland
    4NGELS module II: Mastering the metrics, valuation, and negotiations
  • October 24, 14.00-16.00 (EEST), Helsinki, Finland
    4NGELS module III: Crucial contracts and cross-border legals
  • November 7, 14.00-16.00 (EET), Helsinki, Finland
    4NGELS startups pitching & module IV: Performing Due-diligence – How to spot the dealbreakers?
  • November 28-29, 4NGELS Finland study trip: Investing in the happiest country in the world

The startup application period is now open!

FiBAN, EstBAN, Business Angels Slovenia, and COBIN Angels are calling for startups with a growth mindset to join the 4NGELS training program starting in late September! This is also an excellent opportunity to get an investment from a group of international angel investors led by Finland’s top angels.

What to expect?

⚡️ 8 weeks of free high-quality training from the leading investors in Nordics
⚡ Cross-border networks from investors and fellow startup founders
⚡ Access to be in the pipeline for the next syndicate led by two experienced lead investors Kim Väisänen and Esa Kinnunen. 

Which startups qualify?

Startups that:

✔️ are raising funding.
✔️ have a committed team, traction and revenue, and a connection to the Nordic-Baltic region.
✔️ have growth potential.

Act fast – Only 15 startups get selected! The deadline for applications is on September 10, 2023. Selected startups will be notified on the 22nd of September.

Business Angel Knowledge for Entrepreneurs (BAKE)

BAKE aims to increase fair and successful communication between entrepreneurs and investors through training tools and guides that will teach entrepreneurs the knowledge required to raise funding and have efficient communication.

It combines the specific knowledge, skills, and competences of a diverse partners’ consortium in order to build training materials, such as an online training course and curricula, a pitch guide, a European Qualification Standard (EQS), and training for entrepreneurs about Business Angel Investment

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Past projects

New Nordic Leads (NNL)

New Nordic Leads was a lead angel training and investment readiness program put together by FiBAN and Estonian Business Angel Network (EstBAN). This program was aimed at both angel investors and startups that aspired to create cross-border connections, expand knowledge and share best practices, and make an impact by being part of creating tools and materials that will be later used across Europe.

New Nordic Leads created cross-border opportunities by sharing best practices, educating lead angels, and improving startups’ investment readiness. This project was fueled by Central Baltic Interreg. The project was implemented between 06/2020 – 11/2022 and FiBAN’s share of funding was approximately 220 000 EUR funded by Central Baltic Interreg.

Check out the investment readiness and lead angel materials here.

Program duration and timetable:
Spring 2021 – Autumn 2022 (2 years)

Program partners:

Nordic Angel Program (NAP)

Nordic Angel Program (NAP) was an international cross-border training and investing program for business angels. 

NAP facilitated cross-border angel syndicates and shared angel investments’ best practices. Led by experienced local angels, NAP offered a unique opportunity to invest as a group in promising growth companies linked by leading startup events in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, and Norway.

The program partners were awarded by European Business Angels Network – EBAN with the award for Best in Globally Engaging the Early-Stage Investment and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in 2019.

Program duration and timetable:
Spring 2018 – Autumn 2019 (2 years)

Program partners:

Interested to learn more?

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