FiBAN Founders Club was first launched last fall with founders sharing their best and worst experiences in exit opportunities and recruiting in two peer-to-peer events. In the future, similar networking events will be offered regularly with varying topics and speakers.

“With FiBAN Founders Club we aim to speed track the founders from one step to another: from growing their sales and business to landing the next funding or finding a fruitful exit.”, tells Antti Viitanen, Deal Flow Manager at FiBAN.

This will be done by facilitating the exchange of experiences, building a community, and providing special benefits. These benefits include eg. discounts and offers worth tens of thousands of euros from AWS, HubSpot, and Stripe to FiBAN Founders – with more to come!

“FiBAN Founders Club offers a set of tools to support FiBAN members’ portfolio companies and to offer them resources directly. Work in this area continues as finding new ways to create growth and exit opportunities for our members’ portfolio companies will continue to be one of the key focus areas in 2021.”, tells Chair of the Board Reima Linnanvirta.

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More information:

Antti Viitanen
Deal Flow Manager, FiBAN

Reima Linnanvirta
Chair of the Board, FiBAN