Investors backing Green Planet Astronauts include food-industry expert and business angel Stefan Lindberg, former Kalsink owner (sold Kaslink to Fazer) Juha-Petteri Kukkonen, entrepreneur and business angel Ali Omar, board professional Hannu Ryöppönen, investor Andreas Rosenlew, and business angel and lawyer Julia Jouhki.

Founder of the company, the Chief Commander Astronaut herself Milla Westerling tells that the company is planning to expand to new markets with its new direct-to-consumer e-commerce concept. The company’s products are already in the selection of Amazon in Sweden. In addition to Nordics, astronauts are glancing now at the USA.

“The investors chosen are a perfect match in their know-how and experience regarding our future endeavors; Andreas Rosenlew has strong knowledge on branding, Ali Omar has insight on growing B2C e-commerce, Juha-Petteri Kukkonen has already built an oat-based success story. Stefan Lindberg and Julia Jouhki have both experience in several food-sector cases with proven success. Hannu Ryöppönen has taken Oatly to the UK.”

“Finally, we wanted to choose investors who believe in our strong mission to make kids’ eating habits and the world plant-powered with delicious oat.”, Milla says.

Changing the way kids’ food is purchased

Green Planet Astronaut’s products are ideally developed for kids and the planet; they are 100 % organic and low in fructose with no added sugar. Next, the astronauts want to change the way children’s food is purchased.

“Our product works brilliantly for e-commerce as it doesn’t require cold storage. It’s also easier to buy more at one-time which is also smart for the planet”, Milla tells.

“To raise the next planet-friendly generation we are using all the touchpoints not only offering the world’s best children’s food. Even the box used in delivery offers children an inspiring playground to explore the ecosystem.”

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Milla Westerling
CEO, Green Planet Astronauts

Antti Viitanen
Deal Flow Manager, FiBAN