When a startup in your portfolio has reached a certain point in its growth journey and is ready to hit the public market, Spotlight can help you enter the public market in Finland and the Nordics. 

“Through our marketplace, we help ideas, people, and companies to grow and go public, but we also know the dos and don’ts when it comes to stock listings,” Business Development Manager Nicolas von Schmidt-Laussitz says.

Spotlight Market comes in when your portfolio companies need assistance introducing new deal-flow, Nordic networks, and stock listings.“Listing a company is a way to divest. A listing, may it be an IPO or a technical listing, is a smooth way to exit and invest”, von Schmidt-Laussitz adds.

Nordic network facilitator and expert in stock listings

For angel investors, Spotlight offers a financial network with an ever-expanding network of stakeholders in the Nordic market area.

“Even though we are the market place we see our role as a facilitator. We want to share our network with others for things to get growing. We are the marketplace where you invest and finally divest,” the Spotlight team coincides. 

“We’re excited to offer our expertise to FiBAN members and assist with the growth of ideas, people, and startups when they’re ready to go public in Finland and the Nordics,” von Schmidt-Laussitz says.

Spotlight Market’s key services for angel investors

  • Preparing companies to go public
  • Listing of companies
  • Networks in the Nordic market area.

More information:

Thomas Gidlund, Nordic Head of Sales
+46 70 695 15 65

Nicolas von Schmidt-Laussitz, Business Development Manager
+46 72 402 74 42

Amel Gaily, Managing Director, FiBAN
+358 503 655 019