10+ reasons to join FiBAN and how to get started with angel investing

January 19, 2023

FiBAN is the largest and the most active angel network in Europe with over 670 members from 20+ nationalities. As an organization, our main focus is to link potential high-growth companies to our investor members.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an angel investor, or you’ve already gathered experience, FiBAN helps you get connected with a quality deal flow of promising startups, as well as a wide international network of other angel investors. Our services have been designed to fit angel investors in all stages. 

No angel investor experience? Don’t worry! That’s what FiBAN Academy and our peer networks and discussion groups are for. Through FiBAN academy you’ll get curated education, all included in your membership. For example, our training cover topics such as how to get started with angel investing, how to form syndicates, how to prepare for an exit, and also – how to prepare for the risks and problems that may come with angel investing.
As a member, you will also be connected to other angel investors both in Finland and abroad and can be part of the ever-sharing community.

What benefits does the FiBAN membership bring to you?

  1. Access to exclusive deal flow. We offer potentially investable startups to our members, that have been screened with our screening board which consists of experienced investors and our specialized Deal Flow Manager.
  2. Credit rating protection. Personal credit ratings could be affected by for example a startup bankruptcy of which the investor is a board member. The credit rating restricts the responsibilities from reaching the investor’s personal credit ratings.
  3. Community and networks. One of FiBAN’s main benefits is the strong networks with other angels, and the possibility to access cross-border investments through other angel networks and FiBAN partners. For example, all FiBAN members get to enjoy all the benefits of EBAN, European Business Angels Network.
  4. Exclusive training. Our FiBAN Academy and Academy Online trainings help you nail your investments, help you get started as well as get syndicate support and guidance in different stages of the startup investing cycle. 
  5. Peer learning opportunities. Learn about angel investing through the curated learning material of FiBAN Academy and learn from other angels in screening boards and events. Get to know the most prominent startups and industries. Learn about the red and the green flags of investment cases, and share your experiences and best practices with others.
  6. Stronger connections globally and locally. Build international networks through FiBAN’s annual delegation trips and strong connections with other angel networks. Regional angel activities also offer you a tool for making a local impact and developing your local business environment. 
  7. Strengthen your personal brand as an expert. Through our network, you can further build your personal brand as an expert, and become a more known investor and business influencer in the Finnish startup community. 
  8. Investment materials. Together with our partners, FiBAN offers templates for shareholder agreements, CEO contracts, and more investing documents that you can utilize when making startup investments. Access them in Dealum.
  9. FiBAN partner benefits for you and your portfolio startups: Our partner companies offer numerous services that will help you in your investment journey. We also have special benefits for your portfolio companies that are worth over 300,000€ in total.
  10. Exclusive events. Last but not least FiBAN arranges multiple annual events! For example, Pitch Finland, where pre-screened and handpicked startup cases present themselves exclusively to our members. We provide you with our continuous expertise in finding suitable investment cases that match your interests.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, FiBAN does active lobbying and aims to positively influence governmental decision-making to improve and develop the investment and business landscape in Finland. FiBAN also facilitates up-to-date statistics, analytics, and publications on angel investments. See last year’s annual investment data here.

Questions about FiBAN’s member benefits? 

Contact FiBAN’s Managing director Amel Gaily at amel(at)fiban.org.