Mari Kirjalainen steps into the role of FiBAN’s Training & Development Manager, taking charge of FiBAN’s international cooperation, angel training, and regional angel activities. Her vast background includes working in marketing, e-commerce, and, most recently, the education sector among early-stage startups.

Mari has a BA in Digital International Business and is confident that her past experience will be a great asset at FiBAN. “I’ve been working in the RDI department of XAMK University of Applied Sciences as an event coordinator and a project manager, interacting with entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs, exploring start-up ideas, and organizing startup events. For example, I helped them find funding and match with mentors,” she describes.

She mentioned she wanted to apply for FiBAN to learn more deeply about funding and startups, but something else caught her eye, too. “FiBAN has a really great reputation in the startup ecosystem,” she smiles.

To the FiBAN team, she brings her vast skillset, warmth, and willingness to help.

“I highly appreciate teamwork as well, and I’ll bring in my good vibes and good spirit,” she says.

But how should one strike up a conversation with Mari? Mari describes herself as an easy person to approach. “I’m very interested in people and hearing their stories, so I’m always up to interesting conversations about almost anything. I had one dream that came true this summer when I was able to go to Easter Finland to see wild bears and wolves. I’m always happy to tell you about that experience,” he insinuates. 

“I can’t wait to get to know you and also to develop the FIBAN Academy training. You will definitely see me around!” she sends her greetings to the FiBAN community.

Get to know Mari

Mari Kirjalainen
Training & Development Manager