Milja Mäkelä appointed as FiBAN’s new Communications Manager

November 07, 2022

We warmly welcome Milja Inkeri Mäkelä as the new Communications Manager! Milja brings to the table her vast experience in marketing and communications, and her personal insights of the Finnish startup ecosystem, as well as her endless curiosity towards pioneering ideas, impact and new emerging technologies. Her main responsibilities include communications strategy and media relations, ESG and partnerships. Welcome to FiBAN, Milja!

Prior to FiBAN, Milja worked as a freelance writer, Interim CMO, and co-founder.

She has worked in marketing and communications for various business sectors, including startups, film, and the pharmaceutical industry. She is familiar with the Finnish startup scene through having co-founded a startup and other projects in the Finnish startup ecosystem.

She graduated with Media Studies from Turku University and did her master’s thesis on the significance of PR in crowdfunding film, using Iron Sky as a case study (in Finnish).

Milja is also actively involved in local impact networks and communities, and she holds a special place in her heart for impact startups and founders who are building a better world through entrepreneurship.

In her free time, she is a singer-songwriter, an outdoorsy nature person, a film enthusiast, and a curious tester of new emerging technologies.

Do you have ideas for resources you’d love to receive from FiBAN about angel investing?

Do you have a story suggestion, or a content idea to share from the FiBAN ecosystem?

Feel free to contact Milja!

You can reach Milja at milja.makela(at) and +358 40 538 5418