Plain Complex is a Finnish startup company founded in 2021, although the initial product development started already three years ago. As an anesthesiologist Sasu Liuhanen repeatedly witnessed the challenges of planning nurses’ shifts in his daily work; the process was slow, required a lot of manual work and the quality of the rosters left all too often a lot to desire.

To develop a solution to the problem, Sasu Liuhanen, an experienced anesthesiologist and software developer, Tuomo Peltola, a seasoned professional in health-tech sales and marketing, and Stefano Campadello, a professional in business development and information technology founded a company and are now commercializing its artificial intelligence-based roster planning software.

150k from Finnish angel investors 

The first angel investment round of the company was completed with four renowned angel investors. Ali Omar (FiBAN business angel of the year 2019), Reima Linnanvirta (chair of the board, FiBAN), Henry Nilert (founder of IoBox, FiBAN angel investor), and Pekka Ylitalo (Dimerent) made a 150 000 € seed investment into the company. 

– Roster planning affects a great number of nurses and their families. Hence, the quality of the rosters has an immense effect on employees’ work-life balance and their well-being. Artificial intelligence is a true game-changer and enables finding optimal shifts for each employee, says Ali Omar

– Well-being employees are the focus of Plain Complex, but at the same time, an organization can achieve significant cost savings brought by the uniform quality and fairness of the rosters. Using artificial intelligence is a true win-win, says FiBAN’s chair of the board, Reima Linnanvirta

Artificial intelligence improves well-being at work and brings costs savings to healthcare 

An ongoing pilot in a large Finnish hospital has already proven that artificial intelligence can plan rosters where employees can combine shift work and personal life in a way that has not been possible before. Transforming the previously long and tedious planning process from days or even weeks into a few minutes opens up new and unseen opportunities.

– A good roster needs to comply with all applicable laws, collective agreements, organizational requirements, criteria for ergonomic design, and the employees’ personal wishes and preferences. Such a puzzle is often extremely difficult to solve and frequently it is the employees’ wishes that need to give in. Artificial intelligence can change all this and solve the puzzle in a way that everyone wins. A plan that takes all the aforementioned aspects into account is ready in minutes, says Sasu Liuhanen, CEO and co-founder of the company. 

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