Vibemetrics is an intelligent employee engagement platform. It listens and empowers employees, teams, managers, and executives by asking simple questions about feelings and subjects and thus providing a voice for everyone and offering a moment to self-reflect. Current customers include major organizations such as City of Helsinki, Elisa, Finavia and StoraEnso.

The company was originally spotted by the investors in the Nordic Angel Program in autumn 2018. At that point, the company still included also IT-consultancy business, making the company challenging as an investment target. The Founder and CEO, Mikko Ruokojoki, worked with the investors to structure a spinoff of the company, focusing on the employee engagement platform.

Why did the investors invest in Vibemetrics? “Vibemetrics has excellent traction and new customers are lining up”, comments Reima Linnanvirta on his reasons to invest in the company. Ali Omar sees a lot of opportunities in the product, stating: “While there are a lot of employee surveys in the market, bringing meaningfulness to work will be a huge trend in the near future. There simply is not a company that can afford not to pay attention to their employees in case they want to compete with future talents.” “Impact is an important part of my investment strategy and Vibemetrics has the opportunity to have a big impact on the wellbeing of employees”, closes Janne Jormalainen, Chair of the Board of the Finnish Business Angels Network.

And what is the company expecting to get from the investors? Mikko Ruokojoki, CEO of Vibremetrics, sees the experience and hands-on support very valuable, saying “While we started looking for funding, the hands-on approach of the investors has already proven valuable. For example, Ali has been coaching – in his trademark merciless manner – on product and strategy and Reima helped with the spinoff and our funding strategy.”

Congratulations on closing your round and best of luck!

More Information:
Mikko Ruokojoki, Chief Executive Officer, Vibemetrics

Amel Gaily, FiBAN Deal Flow Manager