The Finnish startup environment was still developing strongly back in the days, when the FiBAN community took its first steps. A group of 20 active business angels in 2010, has now grown to a community of almost 700 business angels supporting each other. Most FiBAN members invest with fellow investors which enables them to have a more diverse investment portfolio and therefore lower the investment risk. The team spirit is shining: even if Finland has a population of only 5.5 million people, it’s actually the location for one of the biggest and most active business angel networks in Europe.

​According to FiBAN’s annual statistics, business angels in Finland have invested into 435 companies during 2018. Several of these companies that were invested in by FiBAN members have had presence at Maria 01. When FiBAN made the decision to move to Maria 01, a key motive was the proximity to new deal flow and to all the other key ecosystem players.

Last year, Helsinki was rated as the most locally connected ecosystem in the world according to Startup Genome. The role of startup initiatives such as Maria 01 is  “to bring everyone to a closer proximity” which allows collaboration and innovation to happen faster. 

Besides new deal flow, new connections were also in FiBAN’s list of community development, and Maria 01 particularly excels in that area. In addition to the startups, Maria 01 has a solid mix of Finnish venture capital companies, service providers, and a vast global & local network of startup hubs and programs that FiBAN will have access to.

In recent years, Helsinki has become very ambitious in crafting a future vision of Helsinki as a global hub for technology and innovation. The “Campus Maria” project launched a year ago by the City of Helsinki, confirms the commitment that not only startup community players have, but also the involvement of renowned Finnish corporations of sharing that vision. For FiBAN it was a no brainer to settle at Maria 01 and be part of the campus’ future expansion to become one of Europe’s largest startup campuses.

FiBAN member – this is how the FiBAN Meeting Room works

The FiBAN office is often a backstage for investment negotiations with startups and other angel investors. Here is how you can utilize the FiBAN Meeting Room (so called “Angel Clinic”):

  • FiBAN members can book a meeting room for investment negotiations at
  • To find the FiBAN office, head to Maria 01, Lapinlahdenkatu 16. The office is located on the 1st floor, behind the Starter restaurant, in the area called ‘Clinic’.
  • When you have visitors, please always inform them to wait for you at the Maria 01 reception. Once your meeting is about to start, please go to pick them up and accompany to the FiBAN Meeting Room.
  • Feel free to use the coffee machine at the FiBAN office lounge or purchase some fresh coffee at the Starter restaurant.
  • For any questions, please contact the FiBAN office.