No business attire allowed – Welcome to EBAN Helsinki 2019

May 03, 2019

[BLOG] EBAN Helsinki 2019 is less than a month away! Although that gets our heart rates pumping and excitement levels through the roof - someone more skeptical maybe wondering “Great, another business conference, is that really what the world needs? Stuffy, grey and more of the same old?” Think again, my friend.

EBAN Helsinki 2019 will be the largest business angel event in Europe this year! In order to make this event worth your time, we’ve gone out of our way to secure some world class speakers and thought-provoking themes. Out with the predictable old and in with some new ideas. And there by your side to listen to these thoughts and voice your own will be your angel friends flying in from all corners of the world. All five continents will be represented!

Dimmed lightning, grey carpets and folding chairs is what you might expect to see. Not this time! Be prepared for gym balls, saunas (yes, plural because this is Finland), beanbags and a coat check for ties. Yes, we don’t really care for them so leave yours at the door.

​The theme of the event is network until sunset, because that’s really what it’s all about. The great people that you’ll be surrounded by. As the sun barely sets in June, be prepared for some hard core networking – if you can’t make it till sunset, at least till you find out what a fallen angel is.

Angels, Partners and Startups, EBAN Helsinki is waiting for you! Get your ticket here.

Still not convinced? Two words: Museum afterpartyGet your ticket before they run out.