In this experience-sharing webinar, the Managing Director of EstBAN Anu Oks presented the 4NGELS program and the benefits of participating in the program for investors, business angels, and startups. 

During the session, EstBAN members Hugues Flament and Mait Sooaru shared their perspectives on angel investment across borders. Both experts are active investors and have extensive experience in international investments. Among other things, the investors answered questions about why Estonia is such an attractive and innovative market and what criteria they use when making an investment decision. The session also presented results from a survey that collected experiences from almost a hundred experienced investors from all four involved networks, presenting their knowledge and insights into cross-border investments.

According to the answers, certain constraints were identified that may hinder investors from engaging in cross-border investments. These were:  

  • lack of knowledge
  • lack of contacts and 
  • lack of experience in international transactions.

In the webinar, investor Hugues Flament pointed out the vital role trust and open communications play in the relationship between founders and investors. He also highlighted the resilience of Estonian founders, an important element for the success of a startup, especially during a period of more difficult access to capital. Tax issues remain a challenge for investment, which will also be addressed during the 4NGELS program.

Mait Sooaru, an investor who has invested in as many as four startups in 2022 alone, talked more about how best to get to know the Estonian startup market. Matt recommended investors check sTARTUp DAY conferences in Tartu and Lattitude59 in Tallinn. 

During Lattitude59 at the end of May, you will have the opportunity to meet investors, founders, and representatives of the startup community, also 4NGELS participants. You also get to learn more about cross-border investing. If you’re a startup looking for funding, check out the opportunities on Latitude59. Read more about Lattitude59 here.

Interested in joining the 4NGELS trainings? Sign up for the next ones:

  • Watch the “How to invest in Estonia?” webinar on EstBAN’s LinkedIn.
  • April 6 – Training I: Angel Investment process and setting an investment strategy
  • April 18 – Training II: Setting up valuation and metrics for startups
  • May 4 – Training III: Angel training for financial, legal and tech Due Diligence
  • May 24-26 Study trip to Latitude59, Estonia – More information coming soon!

What is 4NGELS?

4NGELS is an EU-funded project that brings together four business angel networks from: Estonia, Finland, Slovenia and Poland. The aim of the 4NGELS initiative is to make it easier for business angels to make investments with a cross-border dimension.The partners of 4NGELS are: Estonian Business Angels Network (EstBAN), Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN), Business Angels of Slovenia, COBIN Angels. The programme is coordinated by CIVITTA.

More information about 4NGELS:
Johanna Ahtiainen