Since its founding 15 years ago, aTalent has helped companies ranging from founders who have yet to hire their first employees to small teams on their growth path to already hyper-scaling startups to big corporations. With their help many growth trajectories have accelerated.

“We have operated in the background of many successful startup stories in Finland, such as Relex and Kamu and would be happy to continue this work with many more.”

Niklas Huotari, CEO, aTALENT

aTalent provides startup-friendly pricing and a satisfaction guarantee for their recruitment work. Their services include search & hire, leased employees, headhunting, trainee programs, employer branding, and people operations services.

“Our expertise and knowledge from the recruitment market are at your disposal as well as tips and tricks on how to succeed in building your people operations. We have 40 employees in Helsinki ready to help you!”, tells Niklas Huotari, CEO at aTalent.

Supporting the thriving ecosystem

“Many of our customers are startups and therefore it’s natural for us to be part of the investor side as well: we want to understand more and more what founders and investors are thinking and how we could serve them better. Thriving ecosystem for startups and investors helps the whole society and that’s what we want to support.” Niklas concludes.

“We are excited to welcome aTalent to the FiBAN community. With them, they bring profound expertise on hiring, recruiting and people operations, which are all areas that are critical to be managed well to ensure the success of startups”, Amel Gaily, Managing Director of FiBAN adds.

Warmly welcome to the FiBAN community aTalent!

More information:

Niklas Huotari, CEO, aTalent
+358 40 531 0254

Kaisu Korolainen, Sales Lead, aTalent
+358 50 512 7101

Amel Gaily, Managing Director, FiBAN
+358 503 655 019