FiBAN works in several ways to enhance our deal flow. We e.g.:

  • Cooperate with accelerations, new business centers, entrepreneurial organizations, universities and other educational institutes, other business angel networks, and events to educate the ecosystem and spread the know-how on raising angel capital; 
  • Have prepared the Nordic Guide on Finding an Angel Investment (fun fact: Did you know that this guide has been used as course material in Turku University Law School?); 
  • Cooperate with our partners, and introduced the Angel Friendly Investor membership to support the cooperation between the angels and the VCs; 
  • Provide together with our partners valuable benefits to our members’ portfolio companies (see e.g. benefits from AWS, Hubspot, and Stripe); and
  • Keep a high profile in media, social and traditional media alike.

One of the things that affect our deal-flow the most is how angel investments are perceived from the startups’ point of view. And this perception is based on how the deals we made appear in public.

Funding news plays well in the media, and quite a few startups make use of this and circulate their funding news. This does not only drive the attention to the startup (hopefully increasing sales), but also pushes the company on the radar of future investors. 

Funding news on companies with angels onboard brings the added benefit of acting as the business card of FiBAN. No matter how much time and effort we put in educating the ecosystem and spreading the information on angel investing, the funding rounds by the angels’ portfolio companies can receive far more attention from other startups. Thus, the news on funding rounds, and exits, do not only generate positive attention to the startups but can also have a positive impact on how angel investments are perceived. And, therefore, direct more startups considering FiBAN as a funding source, increasing both the quantity as well as the quality of our deal-flow.

Showcasing dimensions of angel investing – share your story

FiBAN is supporting our members by publishing articles of funding rounds, as well as exits, by our members. This is not just limited to investments by FiBAN syndicates, but future funding rounds received by our members’ portfolio companies. We want to show the whole journey from the first angel investment to follow-on rounds with e.g. angels, VCs, family offices, international investors and corporations, and all the way to the exit. By showing the whole journey from pre-seed to exit and the whole range of verticals our members invest in, we can show all the dimensions of angel investing and truly attract the best startups for our members.

If you wish to get visibility to your startup, and contribute to this business card of FiBAN, share your success story – be it an investment, future funding, or exit – with our office. 

The following success stories can be published in FiBAN news:

  • Investments by FiBAN members and syndicates;
  • Funding rounds in startups where FiBAN member is an investor; and
  • Exit news on startups where FiBAN member is an investor

The articles are published in English on the FiBAN website and on our social media channels. Preferably, we use an existing press release (remember image) but you can also submit your story through this form. Our Communications Strategist Tuuli will be happy to help you further!

More information

Reima Linnanvirta
Chair of the Board, FiBAN