Building on a proprietary multi-model method, Apollonian’s turnkey solution is for investors seeking to improve their deal flow management, DD, portfolio performance tracking, NAV-calculation, and exit preparation, as well as for companies seeking to attract capital, mitigate risks, and boost growth.

For the FiBAN community, Apollonian will offer their vast experience gained from having clients in 27 countries covering all private equity nodes from pre-seed startups to pension funds.

Professional tools for business angels to boost growth

Apollonian’s services beneficial to business angels include:

  • Streamlined and efficient due diligence with the highest levels of transparency in the market;
  • Verifiable Fair Value Assessment combining: asset, earnings, cost, and market-based methodologies;
  • Superior risk analysis that includes both survival risks and risks associated with growth-driving assets;
  • Improved investment management through continuous performance tracking and KPIs ensuring prudent deployment of capital;
  • Compliance tools, agnostic of size and sector, providing the most accurate data for investment decision-makers (IFRS9, IAS36, IAS38, IPEV, and IRS 409a)

“As we’ve built our offering to be size- and sector agnostic, being involved with investors and companies of all kinds is in our DNA. We believe that every stakeholder within Angel/VC/PE-space should have access to high-quality professional tools and advice to improve their chances of success”, tells Tuomas Saarinen, Chief Strategy Officer at Apollonian.

“With a vast international network of partners, we hope to bring tools for both companies and investors to get to global markets,” he concludes.

More information:

Tuomas Saarinen, Chief Strategy Officer, Apollonian
+352 671 098 965

Amel Gaily, Managing Director, FiBAN
+358 503 655 019