Being a successful business angel means having a long list of trusted connections all over the world to call upon when in need and EBAN can provide you the events and platforms to build those connections. 

At EBAN, you will find a very large and international group of exited (and excited) entrepreneurs, corporates, and professionals from all backgrounds who are investing as business angels in startups from all sorts of industries. Through our community, you can connect with investors across Europe and beyond.

Join EBAN events 

We hope to see you at our upcoming European Angel Investment Summit on 27-28 October (this year still online only). Our Summit is organized annually in Brussels to let the EU institutions hear the voice of the European business angels. Our summit includes insightful speeches, workshops, and seminars, where you can learn some of our members’ investment best practices. As a FiBAN member, you get a free ticket to the summit by asking it from the FiBAN office.

Our largest annual event is the EBAN Annual Congress, held each year in a different European city. Next year it takes place on May 17-19, 2022, in Cork, Ireland. 

Industry-specific communities

Our industry and topic-specific EBAN Communities (EBAN IMPACT, EBAN HEALTH, LEADHER, EBAN SPACE, EBAN CEE, EBAN BAN Manager Community) are other great places to meet and connect with peers who are either investing in your same sector or in your same geography. We often meet up with these groups to plan the next events and workshops. We also organize get-togethers for the rest of the EBAN Members and much more. Reach out to us if you want to be involved in anything we do within these focus groups.

Finding European co-investors

How can EBAN support your portfolio companies? At EBAN events we welcome some of the best startups we can scout, and we feature especially those raising a follow-on funding round (that has already some committed angels coming along) on stage during our pitching competitions. We showcase about 100 startups each year through our Congress, Summit, Scaleup of the Month. At our events, you, therefore, have a place to either find a new promising investment or support one of your portfolio companies in closing a large angel round.

Education and best practice sharing

At EBAN we believe that promoting and sharing best practices on how to be a professional angel investor increases the success of your portfolio. Our network is full of experienced angels to learn from. The best part is that they are always more than willing to help, and they always accept our invitations to share whatever they know with others in this family.

We host workshops twice a year by the EBAN Academy at our Congress and Summit; we do them on demand when our members ask us to come to their city, and we facilitate self-education 365 days a year through the EBAN TV and the Knowledge Center.

EBAN TV – free for FiBAN members

EBAN TV, our brand new and unique video platform dedicated to angel investing content, is free for all EBAN members – to sign up for free, ask the code from FiBAN/EBAN office. We have also just launched interview series of the top angels from across Europe.

If you want to participate in our best practice sharing workshops or other activities we do, either to learn or to share knowledge, always keep an eye on our emails, our website calendar, or otherwise just contact the EBAN team and we will let you know. In addition to the EBAN TV and our knowledge center, most of the educational sessions we host are completely free for you to participate in! And whenever they are not, we offer some big discounts on the sign-up fees.

Our team is always happy to support you with anything you want to know about what we are doing for you. Just contact us ( or speak with the EBAN team member you are already in touch with, and we will take good care of you.

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for general communications and contact us directly if you want to be added to the member-only mailing lists where you get all our offers. The Member organization you are part of can also help you get in touch with us and find out if we have anything special for you. 

There is a long history of Finnish angels being a visible and active part of the EBAN community. I hope to see more Finnish angels in the upcoming events. 

European Business Angel Network

The European Business Angels Network (EBAN) is the trade association representing the Business Angel community in Europe and the voice of Angel Investors towards the EU. Today the Association gathers a community of +130 members and over 30 000 Business Angels.

More information:
Janne Jormalainen
President, EBAN