What happens to the majority of startups after they have received angel funding? Which industry sectors are most popular among angels in Finland, and how many new jobs are created in early-stage startups every year?

FiBAN has been conducting one of the world’s most extensive surveys of business angels annually since 2011. Over 600 business angels have invested in more than 2000 companies: some of these companies have become huge successes, while some have gone bust. What about the rest? Everywhere in this data, interesting pieces of information on angel investing and the Finnish early-stage startup ecosystem is hidden, for example on valuations, exits, deal flow, popular industries or investment sizes. Does one million invested euros create 0, 5 or 100 new jobs? Trends are waiting to be brought to light.

Our investment analyst, Oscar, has been familiarizing himself with the data during the summer. He is bringing it all together and preparing to publish a large amount of statistics available for members and anyone interested in angel investing and the Finnish early-stage startup ecosystem in a comprehensible format. “Starting in June, I was surprised to see how much information FiBAN has gathered over the years. Remembering that all information is voluntarily provided by members, we have a valuable and unique level of engagement in the FiBAN angel network“, says Oscar. “I’m especially looking forward to digging deeper into the societal effects of angel investing, for example investigating how many jobs that are created in angel-backed startups”.

Soon, we will have an even better understanding of angel investing and the early-stage startup ecosystem in Finland, how it has been developing, and what the future might hold for us. Understanding this data, investors will be able to make more informed decisions, entrepreneurs looking for angel funding will understand what angels are looking for easier and aspiring entrepreneurs might be able to back their decisions on where to venture next with data on how other early-stage startups have performed. 

Once we have answers to the questions in the introduction, we will share them with you.  For statistics already available, see fiban.org/research. If you want to know more or wish to see any specific numbers, be in contact with Oscar at oscar.bjorklund@fiban.org.