What would Finnish investor conference be without the possibility to visit a sauna? Nothing, we say. Thus, during EBAN Helsinki 2019 you have the option to book meeting slots into a real, wood-heated sauna using the Deal Room app. We’ll have two saunas, as well as a jacuzzi, right in front of the main entrance. In case you want to experience sauna in an even more Finnish way (read: sitting in total silence while listening to the sound of “löyly”, water hissing over the hot rocks) you can freely visit two event saunas between 10AM to 5PM on both days.

To get the most out of the experience, we warmly recommend you to enter a sauna in the afternoon of 3-4 of June. You can hear Tommi Ullgren, angel investor and member of the official Sauna association, tell you all about the traditional Finnish sauna. If you can listen to it – Finnish due diligence tends to get up to 100C. Afterwards you can tweet about it using unique sauna emojis as well as hashtags #ProfitableNetworking and #ebanhelsinki2019.