Set an intention

Decide in advance what is it you are looking for at a certain event. Are you there to meet fellow angels and gain insight on how they operate? Are you looking for partners to join in on an investment? Are you there to make deals on the spot? Whatever your reason is, once you have committed to an event, give yourself time to forge an action plan that serves your purpose: check the list of attendees, know who they are, who you want to meet and book these meetings in advance to make the most of your time there. Be aware of your purpose and this way even while getting lunch you will be able to ask the right questions from the person standing next to you.

Showing up is not enough

You registered, did your research, and made it into a room full of interesting people: investors, speakers, the hottest startups… The whole event is just buzzing with ideas and inspiration,  everyone is eager to make connections. And there you are, with three scheduled calls, e-mails flowing in, looking for a quiet corner to charge your phone while answering texts furiously. That is the exact opposite of maximizing your potential at a networking event, so try minimizing distraction for your own good. Mute that phone and away with those laptops! Business happens right on the spot, all other projects can wait.

Take action

Once you have your intention set and established your presence, you can still end up feeling dissatisfied, going home thinking: “I could have done more” – so, do it! Get up from your comfy chair, say hi to that old acquaintance, introduce yourself to the friendly stranger and look for an opening if you hear someone discuss things that interest you. Don’t sacrifice a chance to connect in favor of a good spot during lunch break or getting in line for your fourth coffee.

+ Don’t forget to follow up!

You had a great time, met interesting people and came across some potential new business opportunities – good, now make sure you actually capitalize on these opportunities by following up. Be on point and do it soon.

Take matchmaking to the next level with Deal Room

This year’s EBAN congress is different because we are taking matchmaking to a whole new level with the Deal Room. Deal Room for EBAN Helsinki 2019 is now open, giving you 2 full weeks to fine-tune your profile and make sure you secure meetings with the right people.

Buy your tickets now to secure the best slots ­– because who would want to pitch right after lunch when they are their best in the morning? The slots are filling up fast and everyone’s time is limited during events, so there’s no room for hesitation.

If you already have tickets, this is how to get started:

  1. To book meetings, login to the Deal Room platform from an invitation that was already sent to your inbox.
  2. Once inside, check that your profile is filled out correctly and pay special attention to what you “Offer” and what you “Seek,” make them stand out, as this is the primary way people make decisions to accept a meeting.
  3. Check your availability. It is possible to set “off-times” on your agenda and to select speaking slots and workshops from the program.
  4. Each meeting slot will be 20 minutes. At all meetings – book follow-ups on the spot.

We want you to make the most out of the event, and having meetings is it – enjoy!

Network under the midnight sun and connect with business angels from 20+ countries at EBAN Helsinki 2019 on June 3-4. EBAN Helsinki 2019 is organised by Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) in collaboration with Arctic15.

Together with our co-organizers and partners, we are making sure you will have a highly #ProfitableNetworking experience!