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FiBAN actively links potential growth companies with our over 650 business angel members in Finland, the Nordics, and the Baltics. We accept applications from the Nordics and Baltics, but also elsewhere with references to Finland. You can expect support in facilitating your funding round once you gain interest from our investor members. Once you have received an investment you are eligible for the most extensive startup benefits in Finland. All FiBAN services for startups are free of charge.

You can apply to pitch at our flagship event, FiBAN Pitch Finland, which takes place 8 times a year. The event will take place in hybrid form, so you can pitch both on-site and online (on-site preferred for a better experience and networking). Check out the application deadlines for each event, and submit your application.

How does FiBAN evaluate startups?

Are you wondering what to include in your deck to impress the investors? Use this template to increase your chances of getting an angel investment. The more boxes you tick, the higher chances you have of making it past the screening.

Angel investor checklist for startups

✓ State clearly what you want to achieve, and how you are going to make the world a better place with your company.

✓ Make sure you have a brief definition of the problem you are fixing, and that everyone can understand it.

✓ What and whose pain are you solving? Make sure the description of the solution is clear, can be understood by anyone, and states how it differs from the competition.

Business model
✓ The reader understands how you make (or intend to make) money after reading the

✓ Who are the team members, and why are they important to the success of the
startup? A strong and resilient team can
solve almost any problem, even when the business is facing challenges.
✓ Include details such as past roles,
experience, education, and/or LinkedIn
profiles in the deck.

Competitive advantage
✓ State why your solution is better than your competitor’s solution? Which factors give you advantage over the competitors?

Market and competition
✓ Explain your Total Addressable Market, Serviceable Addressable Market, and Serviceable Obtainable Market in your
specific niche.
✓ Expected future development of the
✓ Every company has competitors. Name your key competitors in your niche.

Go-to-market strategy
✓ Please include a section of how you will conquer the Serviceable Obtainable Market with your growth model (i.e. marketing, product, or sales-led growth).
✓ Who are your target customers?

What are you going to achieve with
this funding round?

✓ What is the current status of the company (e.g. customers, prototype/MVP, current
runway, product launch, hiring plan).
✓ How you are planning to secure funding, and the plan for using it? Bare in mind that angels invest in syndicates between

Metrics and financials
✓ What are the main metrics you are following and their forecast? (CAC, LTV, MAU etc.)
✓ Current financials and metrics, such as burn rate and revenue sources.

A clear breakdown of cap table
✓ A clear breakdown of ownership between the founders, team, and investors. Investors want to see you committed and reserving enough equity for yourself, future employees and investors.

Terms of the round
✓ Capital seeking: State how much funding you are looking for?
✓ Equity: Pre-money valuation.
✓ Convertible note: Interest, conversion
discount, valuation cap.

✓ Include your most recent development.
✓ Lessons learned from the customer.
✓ Leverage data of your traction.

All done!
✓ Everything ready?

This template was inspired by Trind Ventures checklist and was modified for FiBAN.

You can also download the checklist here.

Pitch deck template

We have compiled a template for your pitch deck, which is free to use. The template includes important information for you to fill in and some examples of what is good to have.

Pitch deck template.

It is always a good idea to apply for funding from FiBAN! Why? Because all applications get visibility with all FiBAN members, constructive feedback about the application and the same application can be used for re-applying and other funding rounds as well. All companies applying for funding at FiBAN goes through the same 5 step startup process.

1. Submit your application

Create a profile of your company and make it visible for all our 650+ FiBAN members. Submit here.

2. Screening by FiBAN investors

All approved applications will be viewed by 6-8 FiBAN investor members. All applications get feedback after the screening.

3. FiBAN Pitch Finland

The most promising business angel cases will be invited to pitch live at FiBAN Pitch Finland for the FIBAN members.

4. Syndication and investing

FiBAN investors typically invest in groups called a syndicate. FiBAN office helps the entrepreneur to connect with all interested investors and provides a toolbox for successful investments.

5. Join our network of founders

FiBAN members has more than 2000 companies in their portfolio. We help those companies with visibility, partner offers and peer-to-peer events.