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FiBAN actively links potential growth companies with our over 650 business angel members in Finland, the Nordics, and the Baltics. We accept applications from the Nordics and Baltics, but also elsewhere with references to Finland. All FiBAN services for startups are free of charge.

Why should a startup apply

  • Visibility and contact with 650+ experienced angel investors
  • Pitch for the most active and knowledgeable angel investors in Finland
  • Support on facilitating your investment round once you gain interest from our angel investor members 
  • Peer-to-peer support and network in growing your business
  • All FiBAN services for startups are free of charge.

Startup checklist

1. You have validated your business and you know your competitive advantage.
2. You know how much money you need and what you are going to achieve with it.
3. Your business is suitable for angel investors to join: 1. the business is scalable, 2. you are willing to take outsiders involved and 3. you are willing to sell the company some point.
4. You have a pitch presentation and you are ready to pitch your company.

Inspiring private investments throughout the solar system by the largest angel network in the galaxy!

It is always a good idea to apply for funding from FiBAN! Why? Because all applications get visibility with all FiBAN members, constructive feedback about the application and the same application can be used for re-applying and other funding rounds as well. All companies applying for funding at FiBAN goes through the same 5 step startup process.

1. Submit your application

Create a profile of your company and make it visible for all our 650+ FiBAN members. Submit here.

2. Screening by FiBAN investors

All approved applications will be viewed by 6-8 FiBAN investor members. All applications get feedback after the screening.

3. FiBAN Pitch Finland

The most promising business angel cases will be invited to pitch live at FiBAN Pitch Finland for the FIBAN members.

4. Syndication and investing

FiBAN investors typically invest in groups called a syndicate. FiBAN office helps the entrepreneur to connect with all interested investors and provides a toolbox for successful investments.

5. Join our network of founders

FiBAN members has more than 2000 companies in their portfolio. We help those companies with visibility, partner offers and peer-to-peer events.