The round included Gorilla Capital and Sofokus Ventures as well as multiple angel investors in the round, such as FiBAN member Jarmo Räihä. Members of FiBAN were also included in the previous funding round of Statzon, where the company raised 350 000 euros. 

Statzon’s product is a one-stop market intelligence platform, where with one subscription the users access over 3 million market reports and insights from over 250 curated market research providers. The product is intended to help with strategic planning and decision-making, backed by up-to-date data and forecasts.

Global expansion and scaling to new industries

After a successful launch in the first vertical and many of the top global automation and robotics companies as its customers, the company has scaled its coverage to a new vertical, e-mobility. 

“We have now successfully scaled to e-mobility. We are working closely with our customers to create more and more value for them,” Kuokkanen adds.

The new funding will be used for Statzon`s global expansion, scaling to new industries as well as product development.“With many of the leading global companies such as Mitsubishi Electric, Stäubli, and Schunk already working with us, we have proven that we are able to create a lot of value for our customers when it comes to a better market understanding. We are ready to expand and scale our operations,” says Kimmo Kuokkanen, CEO, and co-founder of Statzon.

More information:

Kimmo Kuokkanen
CEO & Co-Founder
+358 504 713 021

Amel Gaily
Managing Director, FiBAN ry