For business angels, Rödl & Partner provides comprehensive legal and tax services in all phases of the investment process, including due diligence, support in the preparation of all related documentation, and also during the process of syndication. For startups they offer legal and tax consulting covering the whole life cycle of startups from the initial stage when a startup is just a thought or an idea to a successful exit.

“Using our multidisciplinary skills we guarantee our clients a special added value coming from the seamless combination of the services we provide. Moreover, our worldwide reach enables us to follow our client’s businesses and help them resolve any obstacles they might encounter wherever they are.”, says Timo Huhtala, partner at Rödl & Partner.

“Having offices in the whole Nordic and Baltic region, we excel at understanding local business culture. Our office in Helsinki assists Finnish and international companies with their operations in Finland. Once our clients decide to expand abroad, we can easily team up with our colleagues in other countries and make sure that our clients´ business can smoothly develop further.”, he continues.

In Finland, they offer legal and tax services under Rödl & Partner Asianajotoimisto and BPO services through Satakerta Rödl & Partner.

“We are excited to be part of this exceptionally synergetic community”

“As one of the fastest-growing startup scenes in the world, Finland has become increasingly attractive also for international investors. Finland’s location makes it a great place for companies looking to expand to the rest of Europe while giving them also the possibility to aim for Asian markets. We at Rödl & Partner see this trend and recognize that Finland represents a remarkably collaborative and vibrant startup scene.”, says Huhtala.

“As our aim is not only to help the startups reach their full potential but also to facilitate smooth cooperation between the startups and the investors, we are excited to be part of this exceptionally synergetic community.”

More information:

Timo Huhtala, Partner, Head of Legal and Tax
+358 40 503 5312

Nora Haapala, Associate Partner, IP&IT Specialist
+358 40 6655 011

Aija Bärlund, Managing Director, FiBAN