Oppobot is the first digital tool (SaaS) that integrates the creation of product and service ideas, and testing them into seamless and systematic process. It provides instant & global access to 60 million consumer panelists. Oppobot clients create more powerful products and services while save time and money. “Our mission is to make Oppobot users the World Champions in concept creation and testing”, says founder Dr. Heli Holttinen. 

Now Oppobot has secured a funding round with several FiBAN angels onboard – three of them FiBAN’s international members. They, together with other FiBAN investors, are excited about Oppobot’s potential. “As technology and digitalization is disrupting how companies do market research and how they create winning products and services, there is clear growth pocket for players like Oppobot”, says Rhett Thompson, one of the angel investors. The round consisted of 300 000€ from private investors, combined with 350 000€ Tekes R&D funding. The round was also joined by Gorilla Capital.

Well done Oppobot and good luck in your world conquer!

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