First hands-on Startup Investment Readiness training by FiBAN and EstBAN is here. In the training, we have a total of 32 New Nordic Leads startups, which are based either in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The program is designed to give startups deeper know-how and tools to create growth through different funding instruments. It consists of four online training and mentoring sessions from experienced investors. All necessary tools are given to prepare startups for due diligence and attract more investors. Startups will also get to expand their knowledge on how to develop and sustain high-performance teams.

We are proud to announce 17 teams that made it to the first batch with FiBAN:

  1. ATOM Mobility
    All-in-one solution for shared mobility helping entrepreneurs to launch their own vehicle sharing platforms in 20 days.
    Create videos and online courses straight from your existing tools. Automatically convert from PowerPoint and more.
  3. BLEAM
    Physical Web virtual payment terminal powered by Bluetooth®.
  4. BrachyDOSE
    Technology made to improve cancer treatment in radiotherapy for most common cancer cases.
  5. CHAOS
    An urban forecasting company for real estate investors and city developers.
  6. Conenor
    New low-cost and simple manufacturing technique to utilize GFRP-waste as reinforcement in common consumer plastic waste.
  7. eMabler
    SaaS-platform to integrate electric vehicle charging service with existing business systems like CRM, mobile pay.
  8. Measur
    All measurements from the same place: laboratory analyses, material characterization, testing services.
  9. Medicube X
    Autonomous device for noninvasively measuring your vital signs and cardiovascular disease risk in 5 minutes.
  10. Movesensei
    Visualizes and demonstrates judo throws in an interactive way.
  11. Neuroflux
    Neuroflux develops automatic problem detection to help water utilities react to problems and prevent new ones.
  12. Perille
    Combines transport data in one digital place where users can compare and purchase trips based on preferences.
    E-learning platform for kindergarten teachers to learn about teaching social and emotional skills.
  14. SolFoil
    SolFoil is developing ultra-portable, safe and affordable solar packaging solutions for outdoor heating and cooking.
  15. StepOut
    Empowering sole entrepreneurs by creating earning opportunities for them and learning opportunities by them.
  16. Swash
    A platform that lets people monetise their online data and help businesses gain competitive market insights.
  17. Whitepoint Optics
    Manufactures high-quality cinema lenses for the motion picture industry.

The training started at the beginning of December with 15 startups in the first batch working with EstBAN and 17 startups working with FIBAN. The first training with FiBAN batch was conducted by Tuomas Maisala, an experienced angel investor and hands-on startup coach who has expertise in fund-raising. The following three training sessions will cover topics such as startup financials, company valuation, and cap table, due diligence process, legal documentation (SHA, term sheet, investment agreement), and investor pitch. 

Are you a startup founder interested in joining the next batch? Read more about the program To apply to the second batch that will start in March 2021, fill in the form here.

Are you an angel investor interested in developing your lead angel skills?  Show your interest in joining the lead angel training and startup investment readiness training here.

More information: 

Johanna Ahtiainen, Training and Development Manager, FiBAN, +358 45 273 9899

Anu Oks, Managing Director, EstBAN, +372 56 603 344