FiBAN 08/12/2023

Member Blog: Where Fun Meets Interest by Jenni Kynnös

Jenni Kynnös Leijonan Luola

Hey FiBAN members! I’m excited to share my angel investing journey with you – Jenni Kynnös here, the one who traded in her entrepreneur hat for angel wings and is navigating the dynamic world of start-up investments.


🚀Launching into the Angel Realm

After a successful exit at the age of 28, I decided to venture into the start-up scene. Fueled by an energy level that could power a small city, my mission was clear: invest in companies that caught my eye and sparked my curiosity. No apps for me, though – a distant memory from a traumatic past in-app advertising! 😂


💡Investment Strategy: Where Fun Meets Interest

My investment strategy is straightforward – if it’s fun and captures my interest, count me in! But it’s not just about the product; I’ve got to vibe with the entrepreneur. High energy is key; after all, successful collaboration requires two forces of nature to come together.


Investor in Leijonan Luola Suomi (Finnish Shark Tank)

Starting with traditional angel investing, I delved into FiBAN’s deal room, going through every pitch deck. Then came the autumn of 2023 and the thrill of being part of Leijonan Luola Suomi. Imagine sharks diving into pitches without financial details beforehand – talk about adrenaline!

In the tank, decisions had to be made in 30 minutes flat. Easy decision when Smuuti Skin, a beloved cosmetics brand, stepped into the spotlight. A no-brainer investment of 200,000 euros for 8% with Elias Aalto. A super-good deal (hopefully)!


🙌🏼 Diverse Portfolio: From Social Media Hits to B2B service companies

Coming from a social media marketing background with my first company called MySome, I naturally gravitate towards consumer products that could be social media sensations. Brands like Smuuti Skin, EEZYBEEZY, and LUVBY fit the bill. I’ve ventured beyond MySome, founding two B2B service businesses: Moretime, an IT company specializing in Microsoft Power Automate solutions, and Moneybee, an accounting company. So, B2B is close to my heart. Recently, my excitement soared with a new investment in B2B SAAS, a company called SlideX. My portfolio spans from shoe laces to AI technology.


🔥 The Future: A Growing Angel Portfolio 

With ten investments under my belt, I’m aiming for a portfolio of 20+ companies in the next couple of years. Perhaps, in the future, I might bid adieu to CEO responsibilities and focus solely on angel investing – a path paved with energy and exciting opportunities! There you have it – my journey into the world of angel investing. 

In wrapping up, my sincere wish is that more young entrepreneurs discover the excitement of angel investing without finding the plunge into the investment world too overwhelming. I’m readily available to connect with fellow angel investors, exchanging insights and soaking in wisdom from the seasoned players. And, of course, when it comes to parties and gatherings, send those invitations my way – I’m all in! Haha.


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