Angel Friendly Investor

Calling all venture capitalists: Join FiBAN as an angel friendly investor. By joining one of the world's largest and most active angel networks, you will meet hundreds of potential co-investors, gain access to quality deal flow ranging from seed to further developed companies, and be a part of a vibrant community.

FiBAN has four complementary membership categories: angel investor members, honorary members, partners, and angel friendly investors.


Criteria to join

The criteria to join is that one needs to be a member of their local venture capital association, and that the new members industry is directly or indirectly related to venture capital.


  • Access to FiBAN’s members and their 1600+ portfolio companies
  • Access to exclusive FiBAN events and the FiBAN community
  • Contacts with FiBAN’s regional players and an invitation to local events
  • Keep up to date with the latest angel investing trends
  • Enjoy FiBAN member benefits, such as access to our deal flow tool, discount codes to key ecosystem events, partner discounts
  • Participation of active members of FiBAN as speakers at partner member events


The annual membership fee is 440 euros, and in addition there is a one time joining fee of 250 euros.

Angel friendly investors can bring many benefits for FiBAN’s angel investors. A VC can help an angel’s existing portfolio company reach its next funding milestone. This can mean an exit or a partial exit, or the possibility to stay onboard the growing startup. 

How to join

To join FiBAN, please send an email with a brief description of your company to Aija Bärlund, Managing Director of FiBAN, at The FiBAN board approves all new members in its boarding meetings. All FiBAN members are expected to commit to and follow FiBAN’s ethical rules. Please review them here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!