Honorary Members

Kim Väisänen

Kim Väisänen was awarded as an honorary member of FiBAN for his long-standing efforts and visible work in supporting the FiBAN community. His active work as a FiBAN board member and chair has helped grow the FiBAN network even further. Kim is a true networker and an encourager who has opened doors for his fellow angels, entrepreneurs, and the FiBAN office team.

Claes Mikko Nilsen

The committee recognized Claes Mikko Nilsen for his longstanding efforts for the FiBAN community since the beginning. “Not only has he co-founded and built FiBAN in the early years, but even after, he has offered his insights and support to the community. He still has a very big FiBAN heart,” FiBAN CEO Tiina Laisi-Puheloinen described the new honorary member.

Claes Mikko Nilsen sees that he still has much to give to fellow FiBAN members. “Finland has, during the last 10 years, gained a significant role in Europe as one of the most active environments for angels to operate. There is today an international demand for more angel profiles to step up with a public profile to share insights and experiences with startups and especially international investors, who are in the scout for early-stage investment opportunities,” he says.

Reima Linnanvirta

In addition to a successful exit, Reima Linnanvirta was given an honorary member award for decades of accomplishments in the startup investment landscape as an active angel investor, experienced board member, the chair of the board of FiBAN in 2020 and 2021, startup mentor with extensive experience in growing B2B businesses.

Jaakko Salminen, Janne Jormalainen, Jussi Heinilä, Mammu Kaario, Petri Lehmuskoski

The new honorary members fall into two categories: Jussi Heinilä, Mammu Kaario and Petri Lehmuskoski have been active with FiBAN from the foundation of the organization until this day. Jaakko Salminen and Janne Jormalainen have been contributing a lot of their time to building FiBAN as the presidents of the association.

Riku Asikainen

Asikainen has a brave attitude to stand up and speak for the angel activity combined with exceptional helpfulness that has helped FiBAN enormously.

Ari Korhonen

Korhonen received a recognition as FiBAN honorary member for his excellent work for the business angel community.

Risto Siilasmaa

Siilasmaa has earned the Honorary Member recognition for his fantastic work for Finnish growth companies and the whole Finnish startup ecosystem.

Jan D. Oker-Blom

Oker-Blom served as FiBAN’s first Managing Director and he was managing FiBAN during 2012-2017.


Juha Kurkinen

One of the founding fathers of the FiBAN association. Mr. Kurkinen had a crucial role supporting the founding and early development of FiBAN also supported by Rastor Ltd, a not-for-profit education company in Finland.

Risto Kalske

Mr. Kalske was one of the main persons establishing an organised business angel activity in Finland in the beginning of the millenium while working for Sitra, Finnish Innovation Fund. Mr. Kalske built a well-working matching service of private investors and startups and successfully supported the closing of several funding rounds.

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