Introducing sector-specific investor screening sessions for games and medtech companies

September 01, 2020

Games and medtech companies will have their own screening sessions with investors who are more familiar with those fields. This means better feedback for the startups that apply to FiBAN. This way, we are aiming to bring more value to the whole startup ecosystem.

At FiBAN we are always aiming to find the most promising companies for pitching as well as give the most valuable feedback for all the applications that we receive. At FiBAN investor screening, we go through all the deal flow that comes to FiBAN and choose the most suitable angel cases for Pitch Finland events as well as give feedback to each company applying to FiBAN.

​We have noticed that evaluating companies in the games and medtech sector is difficult because the business models can be very unique compared to most other sectors and they typically require substantial domain knowledge to be assessed. To improve our process for our members and to benefit those startups looking for funding in the games and medtech sectors, we have decided to create sector-specific investor screening sessions for these two sectors. All other industries will be covered in the regular investor screening sessions, as has been the custom before.

So what does this mean in practice?

​For startups from games and medtech sectors, this means that their case will not be evaluated during the regular investor screening board dates published on the FiBAN website, but rather they will be evaluated on a specific timetable according to demand. There will not be a significant difference in the time a startup will have to wait for screening. The big upside: your submission will be viewed by investors with specific knowledge of your particular domain, which enables us to give you more concrete feedback.

For investors, this means that it is possible to participate in more purposeful screening sessions with other investors investing in the same sector. In a nutshell, this is a great way to network and find co-investors, not to forget all the interesting business cases we are going to have.

If you are an expert in games or medtech or you are interested in these two topics, please join our screening sessions! Screenings are for FiBAN members only and will take place online. The estimated time for these screening sessions is about 1 hour. Screenings will be organized on demand, but on average we are looking to have one screening session every two months with 3-5 companies to be screened. The list of companies to be screened will be sent to all investors who have signed up to be part of the screening group. To join these groups, be in contact with FiBANs Deal Flow Manager Antti Viitanen,

At FiBAN we are looking forward to seeing the results from this new way of working and aiming to bring more value to the whole ecosystem.