Rocket Office offers a full set of financial services ranging from statutory accounting and payroll to a fully equipped finance function with CFO services.

“We won’t make the administrative work disappear, but we aim to make it a bit easier for the company and hopefully help start-ups to understand the importance of accounting and the insights it can provide about their business,”  CEO Salla Wikholm says.

“Understanding key metrics, budgeting, and forecasting can be crucial”

Rocket Office is the only financial and CFO service provider focusing solely on startups and growth companies. “There is a lot of information in the accounting numbers, often not fully utilized by startups. With proper financial management, a company can save significant time and even money,” CEO Salla Wikholm describes.

Rocket Office was founded by angel investors and FiBAN members Janne Jormalainen and Reima Linnanvirta, who noticed the need for proper customer care in financial services with start-ups.

 “Our mission at Rocket is to operate like an in-house finance team and offer solutions entrepreneurs should not spend their time on. We are a team of accounting professionals passionate about accounting and start-ups,” Wikholm says.

Especially for start-ups, understanding the cash flow and runaway is extremely important. “Understanding your key metrics, and the ability for budgeting and forecasting can be crucial for the future. We want to be that partner. With the help of the FiBAN community we hope to find the ones that need our help and the ones who can help us to achieve our mission”, Wikholm notes.

Rocket Office in a nutshell:

  • Financial services for business angels and their portfolio companies
  • Accounting and payroll services
  • Financial statements and tax reporting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Consulting and CFO services.

More information:

Salla Wikholm, CEO, Rocket Office Oy
+358 40 861 3911

Milja Mäkelä, Communications Manager, FiBAN ry
+358 405 385 418