Founded over 10 years ago, FiBAN was established to help solve the funding bottlenecks of aspiring new businesses, and as a solution to the economic crisis in the 2010s. During this past decade, new industries and employment opportunities have been born due to the vibrant startup ecosystem.

“Successful growth companies are the backbone of Finland’s economic future. We, business angels, want companies to succeed. Improving the conditions for investors will benefit Finland with a more versatile economy and better prospects for economic growth.”

Annukka Mickelsson, Chair of the board, FiBAN

Through FiBAN, over 387 million euros have been invested during the past 10 years in over 1700 companies across Finland and internationally. For every 1 million euros invested by business angels, approximately 19 new jobs are created. See more in our annual data collected between 2010 and 2021 to better understand the impacts of angel investing. 

FiBAN’s investment practices and policies are designed to serve the whole business community in Finland – to make it more attractive to invest in early-stage companies, more opportunities for startups to access funding and networks, and to help maintain a business ecosystem that supports innovation.

Highlights from our policy objectives

1. Making Finland the best country for companies to succeed at home and internationally

  • Solutions to talent shortage and brain drain.
  • The best education in the world provided in Finland.
  • Public procurements must be opened up for startups.
  • Supporting more investments in R&D.

2. Making private startup investing more appealing and feasible

  • Neutral taxation.
  • Solutions for directing assets.
  • Capital transfer tax weakens reinvestments – removing this tax would make private investing more appealing.

Read the detailed government policy objectives for 2023-2027.
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