Connecting the best European scale-ups with investors in the EBAN network

EBAN’s “Scaleup of Month” is an initiative designed to give more visibility to the best-of-the-best companies from EBAN members and members’ members. This is a great opportunity for FiBAN members to get more capital and connections to further developed companies in a growth and scale-up face.  Companies looking to apply to the Scaleup of the Month initiative need to fulfill the followng criteria: 

  1. Need to be a portfolio company of an EBAN member that has received investment in the form of a seed round 
  2. Needs to be incorporated no later than 5 years ago (exceptions made for companies certain industries like life sciences) 
  3. Needs to be looking for a follow-on round of equity investment between 500K Euros – 5 Million Euros 4. Can come from all sectors and industries 

If you as an FiBAN investor have a scale-up in mind, please contact deal flow manager Helleke Heikkinen and check out the EBAN application page for scale-ups. A new company is selected every month and promoted in the network. The initiative is newly launched and the EBAN office is also happy to receive feedback on the process.  

In addition to all the investment related program in Munich, the business angel network managers from several angel networks came together to share best practices and learn from each other. A new initiative of cooperation was launched and closer cooperation will follow, to the benefit of all European angel network members. Stay tuned for more!