Finnish Business Angel Activity 2014 – “Angel investments record high”

March 17, 2015

Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN) and Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) have released their statistics on private investments and private equity investments in Finnish companies in 2014.

The total amount invested in Finnish early stage companies in 2014 was 206 million euros. The statistics include Finnish venture capital investments (73 M€), direct foreign investments (89 M€), business angel investments (33 M€) and other sources of finance including crowdfunding (11 M€). The all time high investment record (279 M€) year 2013 was partly due to Supercell’s 100M€ funding round.

Finnish business angel activity 2014 – By FiBAN from FiBAN
Finnish business angels invested a record amount – 21 M€ (11M€ 2013) – in 238 individual potential high-growth companies (164 companies 2013). In addition to the FiBAN statistics, 12 M€ was invested by business angels  together with the Finnish public investment institute Finnvera, leading to a total of at least 33 M€ invested by Finnish business angels 2014. The investment activity survey was submitted by 200 business angels, the answer rate being 40%. The amount of early-stage investments are one of the highest in Europe.

The median angel investment was 25.000 € – as previous year – and the average was 68.000 €. In average FiBAN angels made 1,6 new investments during 2014.  

The role and position of business angels as an important early-stage investment source in Finland continues to grow. The investments during year 2014 created over 1.200 new jobs. Angel investments are an effective and relevant model to create new jobs.





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