For those rainy days or, times when you feel like time to focus on learning new things, we collected a list of ways to dig deeper into the world of angel investing:

Dealum – formerly known as Startup Includer. FiBAN’s deal flow tool, which consists of 1000+ companies, important contract templates, and material from trainings. – missed an event in the spring and want to view it now? No worries, a recording from all of our events from years back can be found here.

FiBAN  online educational courses on angel investing. The courses were put together with over 20 experienced business angels and industry professionals, who share their best practices, experiences, knowledge, and personal tips to teach you the ways of angel investing.

Data compass – find aggregated investment data from the past 11 years, and get familiar with the trends and latest developments. 

Impact investing toolbox – The Impact Investing Toolbox provides business angels with guidance and practical tools on defining and measuring impact. In this open-source toolbox, we promote and share meaningful impact work and studies created by relevant organizations.

Credit Rating Protection (REF) – One can apply for rating protection in all portfolio companies where an angel investor holds a responsible position, such as Chairman of the Board, Board Member, Deputy Member, or Managing Director.

News – Through our news articles we strive to offer interesting news, practical advice, and inspiring stories.

Partner Services – FiBAN’s partners play an essential role in supporting members’ investments into early-stage startups and supporting their growth. Have a look at what they have to offer.

Portfolio benefits – Our collection of services that a FiBAN member can provide for their portfolio company are worth tens of thousands of euros. Every company that has a FiBAN member as an investor in their company is eligible for the partner services that FiBAN has to offer

Wishing you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season! See you in August!

Ps. Notice that most of our events for the Fall are already listed in our events calendar. You can check them out and save the date already. Hope to see you there! 

FiBAN Monthly is a blog series discussing current topics among FiBAN and angel investing. A new post will be shared each month, alternating between FiBAN Chair of the Board Reima Linnanvirta and Managing Director Amel Gaily. In case you missed Reima’s letter from June, you can read it here.

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