2020 was a year to remember in many ways, and the investment statistics for 2020 followed suit. Business angels invested a total of €36 million, down from the peak in 2019, yet showing a long-term growth trend. The number of companies receiving funding was 321, of which over half, a new record, were portfolio companies. All median key figures stayed on a similar level compared to previous years. What made records in 2020 was the number of exits, which were up 68% from 2019. The distribution of returns continued to be in line with the distribution seen typically.

Although on the whole valuations seemed stable compared to previous years, one sector had an astonishing growth in valuations: the median valuations for Health and Medtech companies, the most popular sector overall in 2020, went up 94% in 2020. The median valuations for all sectors combined went down 10%. Another interesting finding was the difference in valuations between different syndicates. Unsurprisingly those rounds with angels and VCs had a three times higher valuation than those with an angel-only syndicate.

When looking at the future, nothing is certain, but let’s venture a few guesses.

When looking at the future, nothing is certain, but let’s venture a few guesses. The number of international angel investors investing in Finland will rise, assuming that the market conditions stay good. Currently, at FiBAN we have over 20 different nationalities represented, investing in Finnish startups. The rise in other early-stage investors will bring activity, competition, exit, and co-invest opportunities with them.

The median round sizes for angel investments in Finland will increase from roughly 200 000 euros to 400 000 euros inching closer to the level of our Nordic peers. Drivers for this could be new efforts from the public sector, such as the creation of a business angel co-investment fund, larger syndicates, and more early-stage investors. This last one, larger median round sizes, is more of a necessity than a conjecture.

For more about angel investment statistics for 2020 and previous years have a look here. Also, our interactive data compass tool with figures from the beginning of the 2010’s can be found here.

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