Two days ago we published the awaited annual statistics of private startup investments for 2021. As FiBAN has systematically gathered data from its early days in 2011, our database on private startup investments is today significant on a European level.

Looking at the data provided by our members for 2021 we can point out six noteworthy findings:

Point 1:  Significant share of FiBAN investors (23%) are serial entrepreneurs with an academic background as over 80% of respondents have a master’s degree or higher. 

Point 2: FiBAN investors have on average 6-8 startups in their portfolio. 

Point 3:  The number of female FiBAN investors in 2021 was 10,5%.

Point 4: Investment activity rose to an all-time high of 1022 investment transactions in 2021 totaling 52,3 M€ euros invested into 626 startups (+47% compared to 2020).

Point 5: The number of exits remained high and the share of very profitable exits increased to 19%. 

Point 6: Share of exits through IPOs grew to 6%.  

To dig deeper into the most comprehensive angel investing data, visit our Data tool here.

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