Aalto Capital and FiBAN partner up – Together helping Finnish businesses find international capital

October 09, 2020

Aalto Capital provides investment banking advice to entrepreneurs, investors, and growing companies across Europe. With its six global offices and around 50 advisors, Aalto Capital offers FiBAN members access to its international network of highly capable specialists.

As FiBAN’s partner Aalto Capital wants to help business angels and their portfolio companies with follow-on financing rounds, exit stages, and potential M&A when expanding the current business or divesting non-core businesses.

“With the FiBAN partnership, we want to be able to offer our international services to the Finnish start-up and growth community and be able to support the next success stories on the rise.”, says Pekka Halonen, Managing partner at Aalto Capital.

“Aalto Capital differs from many of its competitors in the sense that we are actively raising money from international investors for a variety of companies after their initial investment rounds. The Finnish growth company landscape has developed tremendously during recent years and now also the international money is looking for the next big Finnish success story. We want to be in the epicenter of this process and know what is happening right now in the market.”

All Aalto Capital offices are well connected in their respective markets, and can thus offer access to investors, corporate partners, or even new business opportunities in desired markets. It has offices located in Helsinki, London, Munich, Stockholm, Zurich, and New York.

In the FiBAN community, Aalto Capital’s position will be two-fold. First, it will introduce companies looking for early-stage or growth funding to the FiBAN network, and second, Aalto Capital wants to help FiBAN members and their portfolio companies find international or domestic investors and partners for their follow-on financing rounds or next growth stage.

Services beneficial to business angels and portfolio companies:

Warmly welcome to the FiBAN community!

Contact information:

Pekka Halonen, Aalto Capital, pekka.halonen@aaltocapital.com
Rami Salonen, Aalto Capital, rami.salonen@aaltocapital.com
Amel Gaily, FiBAN, amel.gaily@fiban.org