Two super angels honored for their exceptional work for the startup ecosystem

November 20, 2018

Business angels Riku Asikainen and Ari Korhonen have received recognitions as FiBAN honorary members for their excellent work for the business angel community. The honours were given during the FiBAN Angel Day & Fall meeting on the 20th November 2018 at KPMG.

Both Korhonen and Asikainen have played a crucial role when FiBAN was founded in late 2010. They are well recognized in both startup and investor communities, where they have brought the voice of private investors. A brave attitude to stand up and speak for the angel activity combined with exceptional helpfulness has helped FiBAN enormously.

They both have made profitable exits and have been role models for many Finnish angel investors. Sharing best practices for the angel community and the attitude of giving back to the society is admirable.

The two gentlemen have shared their inspirational attitude world-wide. Asikainen serves as the Vice President of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN), which he took over from Korhonen in 2016, who served for four years. Due to their wide, international networks, the voice of Finnish business angels has been carried out widely across borders.

Prior to Asikainen and Korhonen, FiBAN has given a recognition of honorary membership to four investors: Risto Kalske, Juha Kurkinen, Risto Siilasmaa and Jan Oker-Blom.