Transmeri Group to join FiBAN Partners – opening future possibilities for startup-corporate cooperation

March 10, 2021

Transmeri is a Finnish family-owned company that has over 90 years of history in creating success stories for grocery and cosmetic brands. Nowadays the group works also in natural cosmetics, hair cosmetics, and the paper and pulp industry with more than half of the turnover coming abroad (mostly Russia, Baltics, and China).

“To be profitable also in the next 90 years we are continuously looking for future business opportunities. Ideally, our investment targets would be close to our present business. That would benefit both companies.”, tells Kari Leimola, the CEO of Transmeri Group.

During the last ten years, Transmeri Group has been active in M&A, and bought 16 companies or businesses. Their recent success stories include Madara Cosmetics, a Latvian natural cosmetics company listed in Nasdaq. “Recently we also made a remarkable investment in Osgenic, a growth company aiming to make surgery safer for patients and surgeons.”, Leimola says.

Why is it important for you to be involved in the Finnish angel & startup community?

“For Transmeri, it’s important to build successful future business. “To the FiBAN angel community, we bring our expertise in FMGC (fast-moving consumer goods), cosmetics business (selective, semi selective, and natural cosmetics) as well as in the paper and pulp industry.”, says the CEO.

FiBAN welcomes Transmeri warmly:

“We are pleased to welcome Transmeri to the FiBAN family. Their expertise and interests align strongly with ours. After a decade of angel investing in Finland we see many of our members’ portfolio companies maturing and ready to be introduced onward. Transmeri is an excellent partner for us in this sense as well.”, says FiBAN Managing Director Amel Gaily.

More information:

Kari Leimola
CEO, Transmeri Group Ab
+358 40 162 8809

Kimmo Koho
CTO, Transmeri Group Ab
+358 50 381 1396

Amel Gaily
Managing Director, FiBAN
+358 503 655 019