Prior to FiBAN, Topi has worked as a solution consultant in Elisa, where he worked with major corporate customers. His role covered areas such as connectivity, 5G, devices, and IoT.

Topi is a master’s student at Aalto University studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Economics at the University of Helsinki. He is currently writing his thesis on Nordic start-up investment scene development and private equity fund performance at Aalto University.

Outside work, Topi has been active in his study association KTTO where he was responsible for corporate relations and has been a board member in the reserve officer school. Adventurous type by nature, Topi has spent four years abroad in the past in the United States and the Netherlands. In his free time, he enjoys playing ice hockey and padel, traveling, and training his 11-week-old labrador retriever, Uuno.

“It is exciting to be working with such a unique data set in the fascinating angel investment field”, Topi says.

“I’m looking forward to having a bird’s-eye view on the startup investing scene and to get to collaborate with other ecosystem players.”

Do you have an angel investing-related research project in mind or questions related to angel investment data and analysis? Feel free to contact Topi!

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