Top 3 startups ready for syndication – Nordic Angel Program by FiBAN

May 22, 2018

​Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is a training and investment program for startup investors. This spring NAP culminates to an investment during Arctic15. Already more than 270 companies have been screened together with Arctic15 - see which of them are the TOP3 & Runner Startups.

Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is a training and investment program for startup investors. The goal of the program is to increase cross-border investing awareness among existing and potential startup investors.

The aim of the Nordic Angel Program is to share angel investments’ best practices, inspire cross-border investing and offer a unique opportunity to screen and invest in the most promising early-stage startups in the Nordic & Baltic area. NAP culminates to a syndicate investment made in cooperation with experienced business Angels.

Startups from Arctic15 screened by angel group –
Now ready for syndication

Over 270 startups that applied to Arctic15’s deal flow room were carefully screened in Startup Includer by the investors of FiBAN’s Nordic Angel Program, led by experienced lead investors. From the big batch, 15 best companies got a private sparring session from the investors, replacing traditional pitching. One or several startups are now chosen for a joint investment, and the angel program culminates to the signing of the investment contract at the main stage of Arctic15, one of the main startup conferences in Finland. Minimum ticket size is €5k.   

Lead Angels
The angel group of 14 led by experienced investors closing the deal. Contact for details.
Ali Omar – Active Startup Coach and the Co-Founder of MedGroup [ali.omar(at)]    
Reima Linnanvirta – Lawyer Turned Into a Successful Business Angel [reima.linnanvirta(at)]

TOP 3 Startups:

Closer details
You can meet with all the startups above at Arctic15. Closer details about the program and the other available NAP syndicates in the Nordic&Baltic region (Estonia, Denmark and Norway) can be found at