Team news: Ivan joins FiBAN as an investment analyst

March 17, 2023

In the beginning of March, Ivan Helin joined FiBAN team as an investment analyst, strengthening the team’s expertise in crunching angel investment data and further studying the impact angels have on the startup ecosystem. Welcome Ivan!

Ivan is an experienced programmer specializing in tasks related to web crawling, natural language processing, and machine learning, and is particularly interested in working with data on startups. 

Prior to FiBAN, Ivan worked as a Data Scientist at the global data platform in Amsterdam. At he was in charge of retrieving funding round data from public sources such as news and trade registers, among other data-related tasks. “Finland and the Netherlands are very similar countries in terms of work culture. What I liked about the Netherlands is that it’s a very international country and there are some good practices for attracting talent and making them stay in the job market,” he describes. 

The differences between the countries are small, but Finland wins in at least one thing. “There are a lot of similarities in the startup world in Finland and in the Netherlands, but Finland is a bit more laid back,” Ivan says.

In his free time, Ivan likes running and cycling, in addition to reading and cooking. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Data Science from Tilburg University, Netherlands, and also holds another Master’s in Political Science from Leiden University. 

Feel free to contact Ivan for insights on angel investment data or a good recipe to try on the weekend!

You can reach Ivan at