Having a well-written investment and shareholders’ agreement in place is a cost-effective way to minimize the risk of unwanted surprises and conflicts appearing later on the way. The purpose of the agreement is to agree upon the company’s goals and the obligations and rights between the parties, making it clear how certain matters will be handled. 

“Angel investments call for an efficient investment process, including document templates that can be easily agreed and executed. On the other hand, making smaller investments does not mean that the documentation needs to be inferior or inadequate in any way, which is why the updated set of document templates still provide for market standard investor rights and protection.”, says Jan Johanson from Krogerus.
FiBAN members can find the updated Shareholder’s agreement and Investment agreement in Dealum’s documents section as well as other beneficial tools, templates and materials to support the investment process.

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The investment and shareholders’ agreement will be covered more in-depth in the next FiBAN Academy event on March 30th where we’ll walk you through the updated contract templates.

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