​10 years ago FiBAN was established by pioneering business angels, who had learned the secrets of business angel investing by doing it. A lot was learned from both great successes and big failures.

The founding members wanted to share those experiences with others, so that the new angel investors would avoid the biggest hurdles. In accordance with this founding principal, FiBAN has done a lot of work in sharing best practices to other business angels or for those interested in it. In the biggest business angel event of 2019, EBAN Helsinki 2019, professionalization of business angels was seen as one of the biggest trends in the future. ​Thus, in its celebration of 10 years in action, FiBAN wants to promote educating business angels by offering more educational tools than ever before. In addition, there’s a chance to purchase FiBAN Academy modules with a -50% discount until the end of the year.

What you can expect from enrolling to FiBAN Academy

  1. Master investing technicalities from the best experts in the field 
  2. Hear insightful and interesting war-stories from experienced business angels
  3. Meet like-minded investors and expand your network 

“Finnish investors need the know-how to help their portfolio startups grow global and to be successful early-stage investors. Investors need to get the experience from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors – for this, FiBAN Academy is the place to be”, comments Annukka Mickelsson, experienced lead angel and FiBAN board member. 

Besides physical sessions, FiBAN Academy is also online. You can watch all five modules in any mobile device, where and when you want. All training modules and options are available for both FiBAN members and others with the discount. Read more about different educational options and choose the one that fits you best: www.fiban.org/education.