Palava Global and FiBAN partner up to drive a change: we want more startups to navigate in the right direction on the global markets! Internationalization needs to be profitable, and we help companies to find the best, most innovative ways to go global – based on hard data.

Palava Global exists to make sure that all international growth endeavors are strategically sound and profitable. “We wish to never see another vague internationalization plan or budgets wasted on the wrong market,” says Anna Korkalainen, Partner at Palava Global – a company that wants to ensure that going global is profitable. 

Their mission is to make sure Finland’s GDP is on par with its Human Capital Index score. “Currently, we have lots of incredible innovations that never reach global success. We believe that helping investors choose the startups with the most potential and supporting startups to make sure they reach that potential is a win-win. The earlier we can jump in, the more we can help both the startups and the investors!” Korkalainen says.

Salla Hänninen, CEO of Palava Global, speaks for impact investing that underpin real, global problems. Innovations that solve globally significant problems are more profitable for investors, startups, and society. “We’ve partnered with FiBAN to drive a change: we want more Finnish startups to be born global and to help companies find a global angle to their product. Our job is not only to question companies’ market choice and product-market-fit but also to support startups and investors to scale up as quickly and sustainably as possible. We hope to do this in close cooperation with FiBAN partners and members as well as their startups,” Hänninen explains.

These globalizers trust the power of data when going global: “You would never invest in an expensive piece of equipment for your company without making sure you pick the best one for your needs and get the best possible return on investment, right? The same should go for choosing the best markets or the best market-entry strategy. Your decision should never be based merely on gut-feeling but on hard data. That way you know you’ll get the best possible return on investment,” comments Korkalainen.

Many companies see international expansion as a separate operation, yet Hänninen views that startups should be born global: “Your first market does not need to be where your HQ happens to be. If startups pilot their product in Finland they are likely to run into problems later: they’ll find out the hard way that the need is different in the global market and they will have to drastically change the product, the marketing message, or both. The worst-case scenario is that there is not enough demand globally to scale the business. Finnish companies also often struggle finding customers to sell to, when they should find ways to get the customers to come to them. No matter how niche the product or industry is, it can always be done.”

Growth as a Service for the FiBAN community

​Palava Global’s globalizers are experts in internationalization and commercialization – they help startups from all industries to navigate global markets and find the best solutions for international growth. FiBAN members can enjoy Palava Global services to ensure their portfolio companies’ profitable international growth profitably:

  • Global Navigator service: a concrete tool for quickly determining the international potential of a venture, the resources needed to make it happen, and step-by-step instructions for the company’s international growth. 15% off for FiBAN members!
  • Market Scanner: the tool for data-driven market selection compares individually designed data points from various markets to match a service offering with the market with the best prerequisites for success. FiBAN members get an extra 30% of data points in their analysis, for free!
  • ​Tailored consultation, advice and extra hands for the internationalization of a venture.

Find out more about Palava Global at and contact the globalizers!

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More information:

  • ​Anna Korkalainen, Director of Global Partnerships, Partner, anna.korkalainen(at)
  • Salla Hänninen, CEO, Partner, salla.hanninen(at)
  • Riku Ruhanen, COO, Partner, riku.ruhanen(at)