Newcomer of the Year

Newcomer of the Year 2023

Jenni Kynnös

Jenni Kynnös was awarded for her active participation in FiBAN activities, active public role as an angel investor, and investment in prominent female-led companies, paving the way for young angels and female founders at FiBAN and beyond.

Newcomer of the Year 2020

Otso Laakkonen

When thinking of a business angel, people might think of a retired business professional. But the truth is that angel investors come in every shape and size. The Newcomer of the Year, Otso Laakkonen represents the next generation of angel investors: a digitally savvy exited founder. From the day of joining FiBAN, Laakkonen has been involved in many activities, bringing the view of a creative digital native to the table.

Newcomer of the Year 2018

René Kromhof

He exemplifies a new member, who recently started his career as an angel investor by very actively taking part in FiBAN trainings and other activities, such as the award-winning Nordic Angel Program (NAP). As an internationally-minded Dutch businessman, René has thus immediately begun to do cross-border investing together with others. He represents a growing number of international angel investors who are either living in Finland or become members while based in an other country. René’s home country, the Netherlands, is one of the many startup ecosystems with which FiBAN and its members are forging increasingly strong international collaboration.

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